We’ve banned people from having dyed hair, tattoos or piercings at our wedding – now even our parents won’t talk to us | The Sun

A COUPLE has opened up about the strict rules they’ve given their wedding guests – and why it’s caused a huge family feud. 

In a video posted to TikTok, the couple tell their story anonymously, lifting the lid on the things they don’t want to see on their big day and why they won’t compromise on their decision. 

A voice over can be heard telling their story, as it begins: “My fiancee and I are getting married this September.

“The issue lies with the dress code. We have been very clear from the beginning that this is going to be a white tie event.So, of course, there are strict rules attached to that.”

They then go on to reveal the terms and conditions they’ve issued their guests, which include some big asks such as no dyed hair or visible tattoos or piercings. 

They continue: “The invitations we sent explicitly told our guests what we would be expecting from them.

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“White tie, no unnaturally dyed hair, no visible tattoos or piercings, and that they were free to decline the invitation if they had a problem with this.

“We also sent everybody who RSVP’d a reminder over email several weeks ago repeating this instruction.”

However, it seems not everybody took the memo to mean the same thing as the bride and groom to be revealed one of their mothers had planned on wearing an outfit that didn’t meet the requirements – a cocktail dress. 

They continued: “We informed her right away that the dress would be unacceptable.”

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Perhaps predictably, the news did not go down well, as the couple went on to say: “Unfortunately this has caused a lot of unnecessary drama throughout both of our families and even some friends.

“Both sets of parents, cousins, some siblings, and many more people have messaged us privately to ask us to relax our dress code and allow them to be flexible.”

Despite this, the couple are staying strong and sticking to their original plan.

They explained: “We are hosting a private event where we have been able to set the rules.

“Having been to other weddings over the years we have fully complied with the wishes of the marrying couple and we do not see why we should not be given the same treatment.”

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They continued to say that they have been called names to their decision but that they feel they’re in the right as they have been clear with their guests from the get go.

The soon to be husband and wife concluded: “We’ve even told our guests that if anyone has a problem with this, they are free to drop out.”

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