Why Kevin Bacon Had to Hilariously Exchange Kyra Sedgwick's Engagement Ring After 3 Months

Kyra Sedgwick didn't fall in love with her engagement ring the moment husband Kevin Bacon got down on one knee. In fact, the design was so far off from what she wanted, the actor ended up getting her something completely different.

Bacon, 62, revealed that it was quite a challenge for him to pick the right ring when he proposed to Sedgwick, 55, on Christmas Eve. "I have to tell you, I'm really not a jewelry guy. Like, I just don't get it," he explained during an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show. "It's just something we don't have the training in or whatever."

But when he found "the one," Bacon knew it was just right.

"I found this ring and I thought it was banging. I was like, 'I figured it out. I conquered this.' I gave it to her. She was so touched, cried, said I do," he shared.

But three months later, he learned his soon-to-be wife didn't love the ring as much as he thought. "We're lying in bed and she wakes up, and she's crying, and she's crying, and she can't even say what's going on," the actor said. "Finally, she goes, 'I don't like the ring!' "


While Sedgwick "felt terrible" about the situation, Bacon said he was able to talk "her off the ledge" and said it was okay for them to return the ring. "It's all right, it's all right, hone — we'll go back. I don't care — we'll take it back," Bacon remembered telling his wife.

The couple ended up swapping out the original engagement ring (Bacon didn't disclose exactly what it looked like) for a new floral-shaped diamond set surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds on a thin band.

Sedgwick recently reminisced for PEOPLE's 2021 Beautiful Issue when she rewore a 20-year-old Rick Owens leather moto jacket for the special photo shoot, saying her husband of 32 years absolutely loves her wear-everywhere piece.

"Oh my God. He loves this jacket. Seriously, he would be perfectly happy with me wearing exactly what I wore in this photo shoot 24/7, 365 days a year," the Emmy winner joked. "It's slightly trashy, slightly slutty, but chic. He could just feel like he died and went to heaven."

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