Woman shares simple tip for keeping plants alive – and all you need is your finger

A WOMAN has revealed her tip for keeping plants alive, and all you will need is your finger.

Reagan Kastner who works with plants and has her own business selling them, shared her hack on TikTok.

Speaking in her video she said: “I work with plants for a living and I’m here to tell you, you have magical powers to be able to tell when any type of plant needs to be watered.

“Get ready here’s your magical power, your finger.

“Stick your finger about an inch deep in any plant, if you take it out and see dirt on it, don’t water.

“Don’t do it, overwatering kills plants.”

Reagan says that when you can also use your finger to tell when you do need to water plants.

She continues: “Now if you stick your finger in and it looks more like this, it’s time.

“If you get your plant completely bone dry like this, it’s sad but when you water it, it will bounce back.

“If you overwater it, it will not come back. Say it with me, underwatering is better than overwatering.”

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