Woman wins summer by revealing she takes an extension lead on holiday instead of a dozen plug adaptors

PACKING for a summer holiday is a stressful business – especially when you know you have to remember dozens of plug adaptors for your tech.

But one savvy traveller has taken to Twitter to share their holiday hack, and it's bound to save electronics lovers a wad of cash and space in their suitcase.

Sasha, from Nottingham, revealed that instead of taking a whole load of individual adaptors for everything from her phone charger to straighteners, she just packs a multi-plug extension lead.

She wrote online: "Am I the only person who takes an extension lead on holidays instead of taking a dozen plug adaptors?"

The simple but effective trick means holidaymakers can save on space with one piece of kit to pack, as well as avoiding warring over socket space with friends and family.

And thousands of people were blown away by the ingenious idea – as 9,000 liked the post – with many admitting they'd never thought of it.

"This is genius! I'll be doing this from now on," one wrote. "To be honest I can't believe I didn't ever think of this before."

"This has legitimately just  blown my mind," another agreed. "Why have I never thought of this?"

A third added: "Tweets like this make it so obvious that I've failed at life."

While one soon-to-be holidaymaker tagged their friends, saying: "This is such a good idea! Get one packed in those suitcases for next week!"

Some clever travellers noted they had already thought of the hack, with one even joking that they've been doing this since the 90s.

"Done this since the 90s – you only need one adaptor that way," a savvy man wrote. "Obviously everyone else does this too, right?"

"We have always done this on holiday," a woman explained. "We take one for us and one for the kids and it saves so many arguments."

A third concurred: "Yes – we have one with built in USB chargers. Don't forget to take your kettle and teabags too!"

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