Zara shoppers totally divided after spotting a new summer dress that some love – & others say looks like a hospital gown | The Sun

A NEW ZARA dress has sparked quite the debate after some compared to a white hospital gown.

Fashion lovers took to TikTok to express their concern after one shopper, Yasmin, from Boston, the US, spotted the long garment at Zara.

The style enthusiast noticed the now-viral piece of clothing whilst browsing in the popular Spanish retailer and was immediately mortified.

In her video, Yasmin revealed that the T-shirt style dress was white but what shocked her more was the open back that was tied together with two strings in the middle.

After checking out the garment from different angles, she quickly concluded that the overall fit and design was anything but flattering.

Rather than a cute dress you could throw on for a summer BBQ or a beach date, the white item had a medical feel, Yasmin reckoned.

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''Not Zara selling a hospital gown,'' the mortified shopper exclaimed in the clip.

Needless to say, the dress has since taken social media by storm, with many being just as baffled as Yasmin.

''Pair it with some grippy socks,'' one joked, as another branded the collection as ''patientcore''.

''So you’re telling me I didn’t have to spend $20k at the hospital to rock one of these,'' someone else added.

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''Finally a good style for my next menty b [mental breakdown],'' a person reckoned.

But whilst for the most part people agreed with the US-based shopper, others appeared to be quite fond of the garment.

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A fan of the outfit said: ''I swear it’s the most comfortable thing ever.''

''pregnant women would pull it off,'' a second penned.

Speaking of Zara, did you know you've probably been pronouncing it all wrong?

With two vowels, it seems pretty straight-forward – it's ''Zah-rah'', right?

Well, if you're anything like us – and probably everyone else reading – turns out, you're wrong.

The fast fashion retailer – which was founded in the 1970s and has since soared in popularity, with everyone from influencers to celebrities sporting its trendy garments – is based in Arteixo, Spain.

Whilst to some this fact may seem irrelevant, it actually bears quite an impact into how its pronounced, with locals reportedly saying it different to how style lovers across the world have been doing it so far.

According to them, Zara is meant to be pronounced more like 'tsah-dah', with the 'Z' coming out as a soft 'ts' sound, and the 'R' bearing resemblance to a light Ds.

The discovery, Tyla reported, was brought to everyone's attention by TikToker @itstheerica, who joked in the caption of her video: "Debating I’d I go with being pretentious and saying it correctly or continue on knowing I’m saying it wrong."

It's not just the fashion fans who was shocked to learn she'd been pronouncing Zara all wrong – social media users were just as stunned.

One wrote:  "I’d love to go back to living in ignorance."

Another commented: "Say what now."

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A third baffled user chimed in: "it shook me."

But somehow we’re not sure “dzah-dah” is going to catch on in the UK…


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