$30 off AirPods Pro, $100 off Google Speakers and 8 Other Labor Day Tech Deals to Shop Now

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Labor Day weekend is here, and dozens of companies have launched sales to help you save on tech, mattresses, clothing, and more. We’re constantly updating our list of the best sales, but it can be hard to sort through thousands of deals to find the cream of the crop.

We looked through these sales and collected the 10 best deals we could find to help you out. The discounts below stand out because the items either rarely go on sale, have never been cheaper, or come from a company whose gear we’ve tested for ourselves.

1. Apple AirPods Pro


The AirPods Pro are the latest version of Apple’s totally wireless earbuds. They have ANC (active noise cancellation), which uses microphones to block out loud noises (airplane engines, cars on the street), so you can hear your music without cranking up the volume.

They get five hours of music playback per charge, and automatically recharge when they’re placed in their case. The case’s battery holds enough power to give the AirPods Pro an additional 18 hours of playtime for a total of 25. You can recharge the case by placing it on a wireless charging pad, or plugging a cable into its Lightning port,

The earbuds are compatible with any device with Bluetooth, so you can pair them with your phone, tablet, or computer regardless of who makes it. I’ve been using the AirPods Pro for the past few months, and have been very pleased by the quality of their noise cancelling given their size. The AirPods Pro are currently down to their lowest price ever on Amazon.

Apple AirPods Pro, $219.98 (originally $249.99), available at Amazon [You save $30]

2. Ring Peephole Cam + Free Echo Dot


Ring’s Peephole Cam is a 1080P video doorbell designed for people who live in apartments.

The battery powered camera replaces the peephole in door, and only requires a screwdriver for installation. Once you’ve connected the Peephole Cam to your Wi-Fi network, your phone will get a notification each time somebody walks by and trips its motion sensor.

You can communicate with the person on the other side using the camera’s mic and speaker. Ring’s Peephole Cam is $50 off, but Amazon has sweetened the deal by throwing in a free Echo Dot, which typically costs $50 on its own.

The small smart speaker allows you to ask Alexa (Amazon’s smart assistant) for answers to questions like “how many pints are in a quart.” Alexa can also be used to control smart-home accessories, like smart light bulbs.

Ring’s Peephole Camera has never been cheaper than it is today, and that’s without factoring in the free Echo Dot.

Ring Peephole Camera + Echo Dot Bundle, $79.99, available at Amazon [You save $100]

3. NOMAD Universal Charging Cable


Nomad is currently offering 20% off everything in its store with the promo code LABORDAY, but we’re highlighting its universal charging cable as the best deal of the bunch. This cable has interchangeable tips that allow you to charge devices with MicroUSB, USB-C, and Lightning ports with a single cord.

Beyond this versatility, Nomad’s cable stands out because its outer shell and central core are made out of Kevlar, an ultra-durable material that will help it withstand years of constant use. I’ve used one of Nomad’s universal charging cables for myself, especially during traveling, and haven’t noticed a single nick, or any signs of fraying.

Nomad Universal Charging Cable, $31.96 (originally $39.95), available at Nomad [You save $8]

4. Eufy RoboVac 11C MAX


Eufy’s RoboVac 15C MAX is a smart robot vacuum that can clean your floors without you needing to push a button. The vacuum can be connected to your Wi-Fi network through the eufy Home app (iOS and Android), which allows you to set it to run at a set time on selected days. You can also connect the RoboVac 15C MAX to your Amazon Alexa account, and start a hands-free cleaning by speaking to your Echo smart speaker.

The vacuum has sensors to help it detect obstacles (including stairs), and several different cleaning modes, which you can switch between in the app, or with the included remote. These modes let you specify where the vacuum should clean (in one room, at a particular spot, along the sides of your walls), so it reaches the spots you need it most.

Eufy says the RoboVac 15C MAX can run for up to 100 minutes per charge, and that it’ll automatically go back to its charging base once it’s running low on power. I’ve used a few of eufy’s RoboVac vacuums, and they’ve always done a really good job picking up dirt and dust I didn’t even know was there.

Originally $279.99, the RoboVac 15C MAX was marked down to $259.99, but you can get an extra $40 off by using an Amazon coupon on its product page. You can save $60 by stacking these two discounts, and have a smarter, cleaner house afterward.

Eufy RoboVac 15C MAX, $219.99 (originally $279.99), available at Amazon [You save $60]

5. Satechi Pro Desktop Charger


Satechi is currently holding a 15% off sale on all of its gear at Amazon and on its own website when you use the promo code SATLDAY15 at checkout. The company makes some of my favorite tech accessories, but I’m calling out its Pro Desktop charger as the best deal of the bunch. 

This charger has two USB-C PD (power delivery) ports, which can be used to charge larger gadgets like laptops and tablets at full speed, and two USB-A ports, which are great for charging smartphones, Bluetooth headphones, or your smart watch.

USB-C PD ports have become common on chargers, but Satechi’s can output up to 60W (watts) of power. Many chargers in this price range tap out at 45W, which may not be fast enough to charge very power hungry gear like Apple’s 16-Inch MacBook Pro. This is the first time Satechi’s Pro Desktop Charger has been discounted since it was originally released in January of this year.

If you need an easy way to charge all of your devices at one time, this is an excellent option.

Satechi Pro Desktop Charger, $67.99 (originally $79.99), available at Amazon and Satechi.com Use Promo Code SATLDAY15

6. CASETIFY Liquid Neon iPhone Case


Casetify’s phone cases stand out because they’re both protective and stylish. You can save 15% site wide by using the promo code ROLLINGSTONE15 at checkout.

The company’s Custom Neon Sand Liquid Case has actual sand wedged between its plastic layers, which moves around when you twist the case. The two-tone case is available in three color combinations: Green/Yellow, Blue/Pink (seen above), and Yellow/Orange.

You can customize the case with up to 12 characters of text that are available in a number of fonts and colors at no charge. The text can be positioned vertically or horizontally, so you can get just the right look. Casetify’s Neon Sand Case is available for every iPhone going back to the iPhone 6, which was originally released in 2014.

I personally use a Casetify case as my daily carry, and have been happy with how solid it feels, and how it looks.

Casetify Neon Sand Case, $41.65 (originally $49.99), available at Casetify [You save $7.35] Use Promo Code ROLLINGSTONE15

7. Marshall MID ANC On-Ear Headphones


Marshall’s MID ANC on-ear Bluetooth headphones are currently $112 off at Marshall.com.

I’ve tested the headphones out, and they’re still the best-sounding on-ear pair I’ve ever tried. Despite Marshall’s deep ties to rock music, jazz, pop, classical, and folk music sounds extremely clear, with no audible imperfections like too much bass, or not enough treble. Vocals are especially life-like.

Marshall also did a good job adding enough padding to the ear cups and headband to be comfortable without making the MID ANC feel too big or heavy. In fact, the earcups fold in toward the headband to make them easier to store when traveling.

The marquee features of the MID ANC is active noise cancellation, which works very well. On-ear headphones don’t create a seal in your ear like earbuds, or fully cover your ear like an over-ear pair, but the MID ANC does well despite these limitations. Marshall says the headphones should get about 20 hours of music playback per charge with ANC enabled, and up to 30 hours when it’s turned off, which has been in line with my experience.

Marshall MID ANC On-Ear Headphones, $167.99 (originally $279.99), available at Marshall.com [You save $112]

9. Monoprice Maker Ultimate 2 3D Printer


Monoprice’s has cut the price of its Maker Ultimate 2 3D Printer by $132 as part of its Labor Day weekend sale.

The printer allows you to create three dimensional models of images you’ve designed on your computer out of different types of plastic. The Maker Ultimate 2 has an intuitive design that helps make it easier to get successful results.

It’s fully enclosed, so the temperature and humidity in your home won’t impact the quality of your print. It can automatically sense when it’s running out of filament (plastic, spooled up into a thin strand), and alert you to get more so it can print seamlessly. Crucially, it will keep its glass plate completely level, so you don’t end up with a lopsided model.

You’ll still need to put in the work to create a digital version of the object you’d like to make, but once you’ve sent the design to the Maker 2, it’ll handle the rest. Monoprice doesn’t hold sales very often, and this 3D printer got its deepest discount this time.

Monoprice Maker Ultimate 2 3D Printer, $417.99 (originally $549.99), available at Monoprice.com [You save $132]

10. Google Max Speaker


The Home Max is Google’s biggest, most powerful smart speaker, and it’s $100 off at Walmart right now.

The Google Max’s standout audio feature is that it can play music in true stereo when positioned horizontally instead of folding down your music into mono. You won’t get the same level of separation that you would from two speakers spaced a few feet apart from one another, but your music won’t sound as compressed, either.

The Home Max’s best smart feature is its integration with the Google Assistant, the search giant’s response to Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri. This speaker has a microphone in it, which allows you to ask the Google Assistant for answers to your questions, play music from various streaming services, or control smart-home accessories.

The Google Home Max is a big, powerful speaker and a smart-home hub without compromising on either one. It rarely goes on sale, so you should take advantage of this deal while you have the chance.

Google Max Smart Speaker, $199.99 (originally $299.99), available at Adorama [You save $100]

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