6ix9ine Asks for Future’s Advice After His Alleged Baby Mama Claims He Tried to Silence Her

The woman named Layna says the ‘FEFE’ hitmaker agreed to support her and her daughter financially once he got out of prison if she stayed quiet, but he never keeps his promise.

AceShowbiz -Tekashi69 a.k.a. 6ix9ine could use some of Future‘s experiences in dealing with his baby mamas for his own goodness. The “Gooba” rapper has publicly reached out to the Atlanta-born star after his alleged baby mama aired out their issue.

A king of trolling, he subtly shaded the “Turn On the Lights” spitter, who is currently entangled in a paternity case with one of his alleged baby mamas, while letting his alleged baby mama know that he would not give in to her attempt to get money from him. “@future what should I do?” he wrote below The Shade Room’s Instagram post about his baby mama’s claims.

6ix9ine asks for Future’s advice to deal with his alleged baby mama.

The woman named Layna previously came up with the allegations against 6ix9ine to the site, saying that she was communicating with the NYC native via a cell phone while he was incarcerated. She said that he promised her he would support her and her daughter once he was released from prison, if she remained quiet and refrained from airing out their business.

However, Layna claimed that 6ix9ine didn’t keep his promise and she hasn’t heard from him since his early release from prison. “He lied and said he would start helping me when he’s out,” Layna said. “I did the most to be there for him…I’ve also been quiet because I don’t want to seem bitter.” That’s why she felt compelled to comment under The Shade Room’s post in regard to the rapper donating $200,000 to No Kid Hungry Foundation, saying he should focus on feeding his daughters first.

She also alleged that 6ix9ine posted a video with his girlfriend’s daughter on his Instagram Story to spite her. “He did this to get a reaction,” Layna said. “I’m heartbroken for the baby…I’m always quiet and loyal.”

Layna, who claimed she wrote a letter to the judge in support of his release, added, “I had hope for him and he let me down. I never had gotten a penny from him and I never did the most, I was just taking care of the baby all this time doing my best to ignore the girlfriend flaunting everything he’s helping her with.”

Layna said she got a match after she tested the DNA of a man who claims to be 6ix9ine’s father with her daughter’s. The test results allegedly established that he is the grandfather to her daughter.

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