6ix9ine Posts Hilarious Boxing Video After Mocking Lil Tjay’s

The ‘Gooba’ hitmaker shares a clip of him using his girlfriend Jade as a human sandbag after responding to the ’20/20′ rapper threatening to knock him out.

AceShowbiz6ix9ine isn’t done trolling Lil Tjay. A day after igniting beef with the South Bronx artist by mocking the latter’s friendly boxing match with YK Osiris, the New York City-born star continued poking fun at it by posting his own boxing video.

In the hilarious clip shared on Friday, May 29, the “FEFE” hitmaker wore a black zip-up jacket with its hoodie on and dark sunglasses, completed with navy green boxing gloves. The funniest part of the video, however, is that he’s using his girlfriend Jade as a human sandbag.

“Name a rapper who could beat me … I got the best trainer in the world,” he bragged in the caption, before tagging his girlfriend’s Instagram handler @__ohsoyoujade.

6ix9ine’s boxing video appears to be his latest response to Lil Tjay’s own clip, in which he’s seen having a friendly match with YK Osiris. Tjay’s video left many Instagram users cringing, including 6ix9ine who commented on DJ Akademiks’ post of the video, “Not by an R&b singer.” He also left a bunch of laughing emojis.

Being irritated with 6ix9ine’s comment, Tjay taunted him, “I’ll knock u out.” The “Gooba” spitter then responded as writing, “The only think you knocking out is 17k album sales.”

Tjay has previously made no secret that he’s not a fan of 6ix9ine snitching. During an Instagram Live session, he blasted hip-hop fans who are still supporting 6ix9ine after he became a federal informant. “So all y’all n***as on 6ix9ine’s d**k can suck my d**k. F**k it,” Tjay said.

He added, “Look, bro, one thing that y’all gotta remember, too, about this 6ix9ine s**t is when you explaining things from one perspective, you’re gonna win, at least to civilians … You can’t do it all, bro, that and justify snitching, bro. All you n***as who think he did the right thing: Get the f**k out of this culture.”

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