Alexis Skyy Mocked for Telling People to Change and Learn New Things Amid Quarantine

Taking to Instagram Stories, the reality TV star urges people to ‘ask yourself what am I really doing’ if they don’t change or learn a new skill during this quarantine period.

AceShowbiz -Being forced to stay at home during this pandemic means that you need to acquire a new skill or undergo some changes, at least that’s what Alexis Skyy thinks. The reality TV star has become the subject of trolling after she shared some empowering messages on Instagram Stories.

She said on the photo-sharing platform, “It’s two months into quarantine if you Haven’t changed spiritually, physically, mentally or learned a new skill ask yourself what am I really doing.” Some people didn’t take Alexis’ post that well and went on to accuse her of being a hypocrite because they believe the “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star hasn’t really changed herself.

Someone sarcastically asked her, “Well Alexis, you still twerking and fighting with people. So what changes are you making?” while one other said, “She got some nerve, you was just twerking on Tory Lanez nervermind… smh.” Another person mocked Alexis, “Girl by creating a only fans does not count as a new skill.”

One more individual seemed so pissed by her post as saying, “She need to mind her damn business and don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. Just move in silence and keep elevating yourself and continue mothering that baby. I’m sick of that quote.” On the other hand, someone weighed in, “Not all of our professions require a studio, pole and director, Alexis. Leave us alone and stop trying to shame people into being over productive during these trying times.”

“girl shut the hell up. ppl are surviving, you know, the people who actually work for a living,” another one commented. “What skills did she learn other than twerking n fighting everyone this girl is a messsssssss,” one more person said, as someone else wrote, “She just better hope she’s actually bettering herself and stop worrying about others. We’re good beloved.”

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