Alicia Keys Shares Throwback Prom Photo

Alicia Keys posted a throwback picture on social media of herself with her prom date Russ Jones.

“I went to my prom with one of my closest guy friends/brothers @iamrussjones. I’ve known him since kindergarten and I know him to this day. I don’t think I even wanted to go. I probably pretended I was too cool. I think I was just nervous and didn’t want to get caught up in all the drama,” Keys wrote as a caption to the photo of her embracing the longtime vice president of promotions/lifestyle at RCA.

“But a group of us decided to go as homies, we rented some kind of limo or maybe we just walked. Honestly, I can’t remember,” she added. “How about that red purse tho? Who does a red dress and a red purse?? In the end, we had fun.”

In a message to high schoolers who can’t attend prom this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, Keys promised there will be “SO many more parties to come.”

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