Anna Camp Gifts Herself a Real Hummingbird Tattoo From ‘Here Awhile’

When talking about her role in the drama film, the former ‘Pitch Perfect’ star admits that she was really tested when it came to filming her character’s death scene.

AceShowbiz -“Pitch Perfect” star Anna Camp liked her “Here Awhile” character’s fake hummingbird tattoo so much she had it inked for real as a wrap gift to herself.

She admits the film was one of her most difficult and she felt the need to purge herself of the character with a little skin art.

“The tattoo I actually ended up getting in real life is the tattoo that I designed for this movie,” Camp explains. “I thought the character, Anna, would have a hummingbird because it represented that kind of fleeting in and out of your life. They leave this kind of magical hope behind.”

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“So I drew a hummingbird and they made the tattoo on my neck and then I loved it so much that I decided to go ahead and get it for real. It’s something that I’ll keep with me forever.”

Meanwhile, Camp tells SAG Foundation Conversations she was really tested when it came to filming her character’s death scene: “The mental place that I had to be in was really hard,” she explains. “My parents can’t even watch the end of the movie, because they don’t want to see their daughter die! I had friends in the room at the screening that turned around and said, ‘Anna are you OK? Please tell me you’re alive right now!’.”

“I had to do it a couple of times and I felt really sick. I felt like I had lost colour and everyone was asking me if I needed to sit down and my hands were kind of shaky. I think I was mentally tricking my body into the fact that I was about to die. It really affected me physically.”

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