Ariana Grande Straight Up Said She Thinks TikTok Impersonations of Her Can Be "Degrading"

Okay, so like…pretend for a sec that you’re a wildly famous celebrity, and then a bunch of people on the internet try making a living by copying your image and likeness. Sounds kinda irritating, right? Welp, this is what Ariana Grande has to deal with on a daily basis. And if that wasn’t awkward enough already, Ari’s impersonators often combine her personality traits with that of her Victorious character, Cat Valentine’s. Thankfully, Ari’s now letting everyone know just how much she dislikes this.

On Instagram, Ari reposted a video of filmmaker Jordan Firstman doing “impressions.” But in one of the videos, Jordan took a moment to criticize meme-makers for trivializing moments that are critical to an artist’s career and flipping them into things that lack any meaning.

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