Ariel Winter Accidentally Sliced The Tip of Her Finger Off!

Ariel Winter shows off the bandage on her thumb during a virtual interview with Access Hollywood.

The 22-year-old actress revealed that she had to go to the hospital after accidentally slicing off the tip of her finger.

Ariel explained that it happened when she was chopping up a tomato for a dish she was making for dinner, and shared that after slicing it, cut an artery and it wouldn’t stop bleeding.

“He [boyfriend Luke Benward] actually brought the tip of my finger to the hospital,” she shared, adding that she got it back from a nurse afterwards. “She actually just gave it to me in a plastic bag and didn’t tell me it was the tip of my thumb too, so I accidentally threw it away and we had to go get it.”

Check out Ariel‘s full story of what happened below:

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