B5s Dustin Michael Praised by Transgender Girlfriend After Opening Up About Relationship

The member of the popular 2000s RnB group says in an Instagram video that he felt compelled to profess his love for his transgender girlfriend, director D. Smith, following the death of transgender star Rasheeda Williams.

AceShowbizDustin Michael of popular 2000s R&B group B5 isn’t ashamed of his sexuality. The singer has revealed that he is currently in a relationship with a transgender woman, whom he identifies as director D. Smith.

In a video posted on his Instagram page on Tuesday, May 9, Dustin shared that he felt compelled to acknowledge their relationship publicly following the death of “Kokomo City” star Rasheeda Williams a.k.a. Koko da Doll. D. Smith happens to be directing the award-winning documentary.

Dustin explained “as black men, we’re not allowing ourselves to love who we want to love openly without fearing being judged and shamed publicly.” He admitted, “We learned to suppress certain feelings, but we never grew up and learned to deal with them,” before stressing that suppressed emotions can sometimes lead to violence.

Dustin then went straight to the point of the main purpose of him making this video. “I’m in a very beautiful relationship with someone who makes me very happy. She’s very sexy, very talented and most of all she has a beautiful kind of spirit which I love,” he gushed, before revealing, “My girlfriend is transgender. Her name is D. Smith.”

“After Koko’s death, I want to make it very clear to her that she has a place that she can feel safe and free within, basically feel seen and loved,” he noted. “I don’t want to be one of the men benefiting from a trans woman in private and not celebrate her publicly. This is someone who I have known for like 10 years now.”

Dustin said that from the very beginning, the two share a “very, very special connection.” He concluded the video by urging other men to be more open and “just love who you love.”

Dustin’s beautiful message touched the heart of other users, including his own girlfriend who reposted the video on her own account. Praising the singer, she added in the caption, “@dustinmichael00 I’m so proud of you. We’ve known each other for almost 10 years now and every moment with you was always validating. So many men only dream of being as brave as you are. Thank you for being the example of a human just loving a human. I’m so grateful for your heart, ambition and spirit! I love you.”

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