Bella Hadid Finally Snapped (Like the Rest of Us) and Cut Herself Some Quarantine Bangs

Okay, so you’re fortunate enough to be self-isolating from the comfort of your own home, but there’s just one teensy problem: Your hair is overgrown! Your meticulously-placed layers and highlights have vanished, and you’re in desperate need of a g’damn trim. Trying not to whip out the nearest pair of scissors feels like a chore, but please—before you decide to chop away your precious locks, do your research!

Bella Hadid also couldn’t wait and decided to take matters into her own hands, but she did it like a complete pro.

On Instagram Stories, Bella shared that she cut her own bangs, because…why the heck not, right? Instead of going for a razor-sharp blunt set of bangs, Bella opted for softer, piece-y side swept bangs that perfectly frame her face. Honestly, the girl is talented, and my hands could never.

Prepare for some major inspo:

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Not long ago, Bella had side swept bangs, so she’s more than likely giving herself a trim as opposed to a major cut from scratch. I understand this might make you want to cut your hair now more than ever, so if you must, please follow these tips.

Meri Kate O’Connor, a colorist at Tabb & Sparks in Santa Monica, told Cosmo’s Ruby Buddemeyer last month that it’s better to snip away at your hair once you’ve finished your blow dry. “When hair is wet, it stretches, so if you’re cutting your bangs when they’re wet, you’ll probably end up cutting them too short—and you won’t realize it until they’re dry,” she said, adding that going for a pointed cut will make the hair look more polished. “It helps create texture and softens the line, so if you do cut an uneven line, you won’t be able to see it as much as you would with a straight-across cut.”

That being said, happy bang-cutting!

From: Cosmopolitan US

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