Brad Pitt Was Reportedly Taught How to Kiss 'Downton Abbey' Star Elizabeth McGovern

Downton Abbey star Elizabeth McGovern has some big claims about Brad Pitt. The pair starred alongside each other in the 1994 film The Favor, offering McGovern the chance to work with Pitt when he was just starting out in Hollywood. While the two shared some intimate moments in front of the cameras, she also claims that her lessons on the set made Pitt a good kisser.

A look at McGovern and Pitt’s romcom

Directed by Donald Petrie, The Favor follows the story oftwo women, Kathy (Harley Jane Kozak) and Emily (McGovern), who are both boredin their marriages.

When Kathy wonders what might have happened if she had hooked upwith her high school crush, Tom (Ken Wahl), she enlists Emily’s help to trackhim down. Emily agrees and ends up having an affair with Tom.

Emily then discovers that she is pregnant and that she has no idea if Tom or her husband, Elliott (Brad Pitt), is the father.

The movie was filmed in 1990 but was not released until 1994because the distributor, Orion Pictures, had gone bankrupt in 1991. The filmwas panned by critics and was released on DVD in 2001.

Despite the movie’s lackluster performance, McGovern has fondmemories of working with a young Pitt.

McGovern jokes she made Brad Pitt ‘the man that he is’

During an interview with Kelly Clarkson, McGovern played a gameof Sip It or Spill It with her Downton Abbey co-stars, Hugh Bonneville,Michelle Dockery, and Allen Leech.

According to DailyMail, Bonneville started the game by asking McGovern if she everkissed Pitt. In response, the actress took a big sip of her wine beforeexplained how she is the one who taught Pitt the ins and outs of being a goodkisser.

“Somebody had to. I did it as a paid job because we were ona set, acting,” she stated.

Clarkson laughed at McGovern’s joke and added that it must have been nice to be paid to snog Brad Pitt — even if it was for a movie.

McGovern then noted that “there are worse ways to earn aliving” and revealed that she did not complain one bit. She thenhilariously assured the audience that she “made him the man that heis.”

Brad Pitt makes a surprise appearance on ‘Celebrity IOU’

The interview comes after Pitt’s surprise cameo on CelebrityIOU. During the series premiere of the HGTV show, Pitt helped hosts Drewand Jonathan Scott remodel a guest home for his good friend, Jean Black.

According to Yahoo,the Scott brothers later revealed that they were “blown away” byPitt’s down-to-earth personality. Not only was Pitt very kind to the cast andcrew, but he also took the time to learn everyone’s name.

“The very first day, Brad met every single person and had amoment with every single person,” Jonathan shared. “And at the veryend … he remembered every single person’s name on the crew, the constructioncrew, the production crew … he was a true gentleman through and through.”

This year has already been a busy one for Brad Pitt. Apart from his cameo on Celebrity IOU, the actor won a few awards for his part in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Unfortunately, Hollywood is currently in full lockdown to helpprevent the spread of the coronavirus. While we cannot confirm Pitt’swhereabouts, there has been some talk about his shacking up with his ex-wife,Jennifer Aniston.

What about those Jennifer Aniston quarantine rumors?

Brad Pitt and Aniston enjoyed some cozy moments together duringthe awards ceremonies this year, sparking rumors that they might be gettingback together.

According to Mirror,sources claim that Pitt and Aniston have been spending a lot of time togetherduring the current crisis and are basically quarantining together in LosAngeles.

“Brad and Jen have been spending most of their time togetherduring their lockdown,” a source revealed. “The whole experience hasbrought them even closer. They both feel humbled and grateful for everythingthey have right now, especially each other.”

Pitt and Aniston, of course, have not commented on the rumors surrounding their relationship. Reps for both parties have denied the rumors that they are currently living together.

There is no denying that the two have grown closer since hisdivorce from Angelina Jolie, but whether they are more than friends remains amystery. The source added that Brad Pitt has been visiting his six childrenamid the lockdown but is keeping his social contacts to a minimum.

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