Britney Spears Disappearance From Instagram Has Fans Fearing the Worst

In recent months, Britney Spears’ Instagram page has become a subject of debate and a source of major concern for the pop icon’s biggest fans.

Spears’ erratic behavior and disheveled appearance have led to conflicting theories about her mental state and the quality of care she’s receiving from the people tasked with looking after her.

Some believe Britney is being held captive and is using her social media accounts to send coded distress signals to her fans.

Others think the singer’s mental health issues are simply being revealed through her videos and comments.

Whatever the case, both sides agree that the singer’s Instagram presence has created cause for concern.

And they also agree that Britney’s sudden absence is even greater cause for concern.

After posting every day — sometimes multiple times a day — for several months, Britney has now disappeared from the site entirely.

Last week, fans noted that it had been seven days since Spears posted.

Now, that total has climbed to two weeks, and fans are growing increasingly worried.

If you’ve been following her story closely, you know that it’s been a very tumultuous year for Britney, and it seems that her battle has just begun.

In August, Spears lost a legal battle against her father.

At issue was the conservatorship that has prevented Spears from making major decisions for herself for most of her adult life.

Sources close to the situation say that the conservatorship — which was put in place as a result of Britney’s well-publicized breakdown in 2007 — places Spears’ career, parenting, and $60 million under the control of her father.

During the August hearing, a judge ruled that Spears’ conservatorship would continue until at least February of 2021.

That decision is currently being appealed, so it’s possible that Britney is laying low on the advice of her attorneys.

In one of the cases most chocking turns, Spears’ own lawyers compared her to a comatose patient and argued that she is not fit to testify or sign legal documents.

She may have been advised that any Instagram posting could undermine that argument.

Whatever the case, Britney’s fans are deeply concerned, and they’re only becoming more worried with the passage of time.

Here’s hoping that she’s able to communicate with her fans in some way and put their minds at ease in the very near future.

And if that’s not possible, here’s hoping she gets the outcome she desires in her ongoing legal battle.

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