BTS’ Dear Class Of 2020 Performance Included "Spring Day" & Fans Weren’t Ready

Graduates all over the world were left inspired on Sunday, June 7, following the Dear Class Of 2020 commencement ceremony. The boys of BTS delivered a moving speech, and even surprised fans with an epic performance. BTS’ Dear Class Of 2020 performance included "Spring Day" and fans were not ready for it.

RM, Jungkook, Jin, Suga, Jimin, J-hope, and V took turns sharing their personal stories of growth post-graduation, as well as powerful statements about the state of the world right now. Beyond that, the boys detailed beautiful wishes for the 2020 graduates as they overcome the fear of the unknown and tackle their future with excitement and emotional strength.

"[This] is possibly the most special graduation ceremony in history," RM said after explaining that material objects like flowers and graduation caps don’t define the future of the youth.

Jin detailed a very common fear for graduates, which he also faces — keeping up with those around him and not feeling like he’s doing enough. "If any of you feel lost in the face of doubt or uncertainty, or the pressures of starting anew, don’t rush," he advised. "Take a deep breathe."

When it came time for the boys to perform, their singing and dancing brought a much needed sense of excitement. It was the meaning behind "Spring Day" that really got fans deep into their emotions.

Check out the entire performance — which also included "Boy With Luv" and "Mikrokosmos" — below.

While the whole performance had fans glued to their computer screens, it was definitely "Spring Day" that had ARMYs most in their feels. Fans took to Twitter to share their thanks to BTS for the beautiful song.

"@BTS_twt really performed Spring Day!! No better song to lift our spirits in a moment where things seem dark. Remember that no darkness, no season is eternal," one fan tweeted, to which many shared similar emotions.

BTS definitely left the class of 2020 feeling inspired and reflective.

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