Camila Cabello Slams Paparazzi for Beach Pics, Talks Being Self-Conscious

Camila Cabello is letting her vulnerability show as it relates to her body and the constant need she feels to put on a show for paps … who constantly hound her at the beach.

The pop star opened up Saturday about a set of photographs that pap agencies were snapping and shopping — standard operating procedure for A-listers, and something they’ve regularly done for years and years now.

The difference here … Camila clearly has an issue with it … not just with the photographers themselves — whom she says go to incredible lengths to capture her in public — but with the way society then interprets those photos, and the effects it has on her confidence.

She writes, in part … “I’ve worn bikinis that were (too) small and paid no mind to how I looked, then saw pictures online and comments and been so upset.”

Camila adds, “I reminded myself when it impacted myself esteem that I was thinking the culture’s thoughts and not my own. A culture who has gotten so used to an image of what a “healthy” woman’s body looks like that is completely not real for a lot of women.”

CC goes on to describe the photos you see above — explaining that she made sure not to eat anything too heavy today, while also sucking in her core nonstop … knowing it was essentially going to turn into a full-blown photoshoot thanks to the paps on hand.

To Camila, that’s a miserable way to live — and she says she struggles with feeling like she has to portray herself in an image that she thinks is BS … via beauty standards projected on to her by society.

It’s a pretty interesting reflective piece that she’s got on her hands — but it also sounds like Camila is taking steps to assist in shutting out the noise … like therapy and other self-help work. She also references her inner child, who was care-free … and who she misses.

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