Cassie Randolph’s Instagram Stories After Her Breakup With Colton Underwood Are Fiery

Don’t believe everything you hear. Actually, according to Cassie Randolph’s Instagram Stories after her breakup with Colton Underwood, it seems like pretty much every single thing you might have heard about why they split is untrue. Randolph’s May 31 story addressed a few articles that sought to explain why she and Underwood split. And by "addressed" I mean she literally took screenshots of each article and called them out one by one.

The first article she called out was published by Us Weekly alongside the title, "Bachelor’s Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph’s Split ‘Was Coming for a While.’" Randolph was not here for it. "Also," she began, after posting a series of videos and images in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, "QUIT spamming me with these false articles. How do you not know by now to not believe everything you hear/read?"

"Also, to piggy back off of the hate I just spoke of – to everyone spamming me with these articles, please quit it," she continued. "I don’t know who these ‘credible’ sources are, but this is twisted. Interesting how so called ‘credible sources’ want to remain anonymous."

Here’s Randolph’s screenshot of the Us Weekly article, alongside her commentary:

She then posted a screenshot of an article by Cosmopolitan entitled, "Here’s Why Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph Really Broke Up," and simply captioned it "another false one."

Next was an article published by E! News entitled, "Cassie Randolph Tried to Break Up With Colton Underwood a ‘Few Times’ Before Official Split."

"I’m so effing tired of hate and lies that exist," Randolph wrote alongside her screenshot of the E! News post. "And I’m sick of people who are quick to judge and assume. You have no idea what went on in our relationship, so stop jumping to conclusions." In particular, Randolph was majorly peeved by claims her family didn’t like Underwood. "And articles that are about my family not liking Colton??? For real? My family loves hims o please get your facts straight. This is honestly ridiculous."

That E! News article had her so heated that she decided to follow up by posting a picture of the body of the article, in which a source is reportedly cited saying Randolph apparently "was just not as ready for the settled-down life Colton wants right now and she tried to end it a few times."

"So irritated with mass hate that exists right now," she wrote. "Why can’t everyone just be kind." Alongside the part of the article that claimed "the thing that made their breakup stick was the quarantine," Randolph simply wrote, "nope." And alongside the text that claimed Randolph was reportedly the one to "initiate the conversation," Randolph wrote "fake news."

"The ending of our relationship had nothing to do with me not being ‘ready’ for something more. Nothing," she wrote, then adding "Also, Colton and I are both struggling with being sad right now already, without the negative input. So just keep that in mind while you write hateful comments to either of us."

Finally, she concluded her clap back with a message she wrote in white text over a black backdrop. "Yes, I’m angry. All this hate is awful," she wrote. "From the sh*t going on our world right now, to the petty sh*t that people send me, I do not know how people can stand themselves to be such awful, hateful humans. Seriously what is wrong with some people." She finally concluded, "okay bye."

Randolph announced her split from Underwood on her account on May 30, by posting a series of pictures of them alongside this caption:

Underwood, who announced the split to his account the same day, commented just one single red heart. Daw.

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