Celebrities react to Boulder shooting, call for gun legislation

In the wake of another senseless mass shooting, Hollywood, like many others, is fed up. On March 22, a 21-year-old gunman opened fire in a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado, killing 10 people, including a police officer. That shooting came just days after a different gunman killed eight people at three Atlanta-area spas. The majority of the victims were of Asian descent. After the Boulder incident, Elijah Wood tweeted, “The horrendous shootings in Atlanta and now Boulder? When is enough enough? We CANNOT accept that this is normal and can’t be changed. This is beyond sad and exhausting. So much love to the victims and their families and to a future where this is no longer a part of our reality.” Click through to see how other celebrities are reacting on social media, and see who is calling for gun legislation…

“Two mass shootings in one week. At least ten dead today in Boulder Colorado. What a country.” –Bette Midler

“Tragedy struck in Boulder, CO tonight. My heart goes out to the victims and their families. Praying for healing. #BoulderStrong” –Luke Bryan

“This is devastating. To think this could’ve been a member of my family. Or a friend. It is so terrifying to think we are all at risk of becoming a victim to gun violence everywhere we go. Protect PEOPLE not GUNS,” Lili Reinhart tweeted, adding, “enough is enough.”

“Another senseless Shooting in Colorado where innocent human beings have lost their lives to lunatic with a gun i am broken hearted for the families of the victims,” Rosanna Arquette tweeted. She later added, “My heart breaks again for all the families who’ve lost their loved ones to Gun violence. every time this happens (and it’s way to often) they are all retraumatized ,this is too much. Ban assault weapons now, they have no business in the hands of Citizens. Gun control now.”

“A once-in-a-century pandemic cannot be the only thing that slows mass shootings in this country. It’s time for leaders everywhere to listen to the American people when they say enough is enough” –Barack Obama

“I’m heartbroken by these recent tragedies of gun violence, and I just keep thinking about all the leaders who won’t take a stand to save lives and yet line up to pass bills that make it harder for us to vote.” —Michelle Obama

“I’m so sorry if you lost someone in this horrendous shooting. I’m so sorry if you have lost someone in another shooting. I know it makes no sense. I know there are no words. We simply want you to know we are here. #GunReformNow,” Maria Shriver tweeted. “We can all be healers today. Actually, we must be. We can all hold someone, hug someone, check in on someone. Make today a healing day. There is so much pain. #GunReformNow. Ten people. Ten lives gone just like that. So many families and friends are in shock today, traumatized. We as a nation are also shocked, or we should be. This is something we can’t ever accept. Never ever! #GunReformNow.”

“GOP…How would you feel if you lost someone you love to gun violence? Would you still be gripping your AK 15s?” Ellen Barkin tweeted while calling for gun control via her hashtags. A few hours later, she said, “Law abiding citizens do not need military grade weapons.”

Debra Messing tweeted a message that read: “On March 15th, 2019, a white supremacist killed 51 people in Christchurch, New Zealand. On 3/21/19, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern proposed a ban on semi-automatic weapons. On 4/10/19, that law passed. Since that day, there have been 1,145 mass shootings in the United States.”

“Post-Covid America will see more gun related violence than ever before. We need GUN REFORM NOW.” –Billy Eichner

“This is too close to home. How much more death??? How many more have to die before you [expletive] pass some [expletive] gun laws???” –Kristen Schaal

“Boulder shooter carried an AR-15. No civilian needs to own or carry such a weapon #GunReformNow” –Mia Farrow

“Gun violence can be eradicated but the filibuster needs to go.” —Alyssa Milano

“My heart breaks for all those who lost their lives and loved ones in Boulder. How many more senseless acts of violence need to happen before we reinstate the assault weapons ban & the limit on high-capacity magazines and pass universal background checks? We have to do better.” — Bill Clinton

“Getting back to normal in America cannot mean getting back to regular mass shootings. My heart goes out to the 10 families grieving in Colorado today. We simply can’t let this continue to be who we are.” –Hillary Clinton

“Brace yourselves. Those who spent all of last week claiming a white shooter targeting Asian Americans wasn’t white supremacy will be spending all of this week using the Boulder shooter as fodder for their Islamophobia. Don’t fall for it,” George Takei tweeted. Earlier in the day he blasted the National Rifle Association, writing, “There is no bottom to their shamelessness.”

“Thinking about all those near us in #BoulderColorado right now. Absolutely tragic. No words, just terrible” –Ben Higgins

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