Charli D’Amelio Calls Out TikTok ‘Trend’ That’s Making Fun of Disabilities

Charli D’Amelio is using her platform to bring attention to a certain “trend” on TikTok that is not okay.

The 15-year-old shared a status on Twitter calling out the “Autism Challenge” on the video app.

The so-called challenge uses audio that mocks people with disabilities, and people taking part in it are perpetuating movements in their videos. The hashtag has since been removed from the platform.

“hello everyone, there is a sound going around on tiktok making fun of disabilities. that is completely unacceptable, wrong, and the fact that people think that the ”trend” is not disrespectful and disgusting is not okay!” Charli shared on her Twitter.

Many fans praised her for speaking out against this awful “trend”.

“this is why i love you,” one fan replied.

“thank you for using your platform for good,” another wrote.

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