Charlotte Crosby goes make-up free as she oversees renovations on her Sunderland mansion

Charlotte Crosby went make-up free as she oversaw renovations at her Sunderland mansion.

The 30 year old has been supervising builders as they complete the overhaul of her huge pad and decided to ditch the cosmetics for her latest check in with them.

Former Geordie Shore star Charlotte was seen smiling as she stepped outside of her dream home, clearly content with the work being put in by the professionals.

The brunette bombshell was at the house for the delivery of a huge pane of glass, which was installed where the doors to her back garden used to be.

She also showed fans around the house as she updated fans on the progress of her residence.

Charlotte told the account’s 129,000 followers: “I honestly feel like I’m on Changing Rooms, there is so much going on.

“There’s no words, there is no words for how outside is looking. This is gonna look incredible. This is the day I have been waiting for for two months and I am never leaving this house again, I’m not even going on holiday because I love being in this house, I don’t want to leave it ever.

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Charlotte Crosby looked fresh faced as she headed to her mansion to oversee building work

She was on hand for the installation of panes of glass and new sliding doors

She was accompanied by boyfriend Liam Beaumont as she visited the work in progress

The reality star looked to take an important call about the progress on her house as she donned a beige tracksuit

She looked nervous ahead of the latest step of the renovation

Charlotte discussed details with the builders about the big installation

She watched intently as the panes of glass were fitting to her abode

She seemed happy with the progress for sharing an update with her social media followers

Charlotte told fans she wouldn’t go on holiday again because she loves her house so much

Charlotte filmed herself as she took fans on a tour of the gutted house

She gave her approval of the completed work with two thumbs up

A cameraman was also on hand to document the latest renovations

Charlotte joked to fans that she felt like she was on Changing Rooms

She took a breather to play with her dog during the busy day at the house

The stunner looked over the moon with the progress made by the hard working builders

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