Chris Evans: Virgin Radio DJ unable to see grandson in emotional family admission

Chris Evans, 53, quizzed his co-stars on what is and what isn’t allowed during coronavirus lockdown in terms of exercise and getting out of the house. As the UK government announced the lockdown would be extended for a minimum of three weeks, it has frustrated many people who are fed up of being cooped up in their houses while the weather is lovely and sunny.

What I’m not allowed to do is drive 200 miles to go and see my daughter and run one mile with my grandson Teddy, on his Just Giving challenge

Chris Evans

But to put their minds at ease, Chris read allowed a list of things you can do whilst out of the house to have your daily of exercise, but revealed what he’s missing out on in he process.

“What is allowed?” He questioned his co-star Rachel Horne, who has been working from home over the past couple of weeks after one of her children showed mild symptoms of the deadly virus.

“I love this list!”

“Going for a run or a cycle, practicing yoga, walking in the countryside or the city, or attending an allotment.

“You can go and attend your allotment, this is all allowed,” he confirmed for all those who own a part in a community garden.


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He continued: “Driving to countryside areas and walking, where far more time is spent walking than driving, yes, yes we love that!”

There was a little giggle in the background as the former BBC DJ exclaimed: “Rachel, you’re free!

“You’re free to drive your little drive down to the woods, get your dog and your family out and go for your walk or a jog, that’s a lot longer than your drive.

Rachel let off a little welp of excitement: “And it is, the drives only about 3 minutes!” she grinned.

But her enthusiasm led the host to move on to not allowed list, giving an example of what he’s missing out on because of the restrictions.

“What I’m not allowed to do is drive 200 miles to go and see my daughter and run one mile with my grandson Teddy, on his Just Giving challenge,” the ex Top Gear presenter huffed.

“That’s not allowed even though that would be lovely for them and for me and for charity. But that’s not allowed.”

Chris’ sarcastic comment was highlighting that even though people have important events going on that they don’t want to miss, it isn’t OK to disobey government advice and go about life in a normal way.

As we continue to tackle the COVID-19 outbreak, the father-of-five reminded listeners that the rules are there to keep us safe.

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The UK’s death toll has risen by 596 to 16,060 hospital deaths, the Department from Health confirmed on Sunday.

The heartbreaking news comes as scientists say trials for a coronavirus vaccine will begin this week.

Not so long ago Chris revealed to his dedicated listeners that he thinks he’s “had” the deadly virus, as symptoms of the spread through his household.

He recalled a period a few weeks ago where everyone had this mysterious flu-like illness, but no one knew what it was.

“I said this a couple of weeks ago… I think I’ve had it [coronavirus],” he explained.

“I’m not saying I’m qualified to say this though!”


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Chris continued to describe the symptoms he experienced during the bout of mystery illness that swept the UK not so long ago.

“I didn’t get the fever or the dry cough, that’s why I didn’t self-isolate,” he explained.

“Noah had the fever and he self-isolated before we all had to for 14 days.

“But by that time, Tash had this cough and almost everybody you saw on telly reporting on the coronavirus looked red-faced and runny-eyed – I think lots of us have had it!”

That being said, life as we once knew it looks out of reach as we continue to try to halt this deadly illness.

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky airs weekdays at 6am on Virgin Radio.

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