Chrissy Teigen Shows Off New Tattoo Drawn By Daughter As She Reflects More On Her Social Media Scandal

Chrissy Teigen is making her social media comeback.

On Monday, the model posted an in-depth second apology following the controversy that she repeatedly told a then-teenaged Courtney Stodden to kill themself on Twitter (among other upsetting posts about Lindsay Lohan, Farrah Abraham, and Quvenzhané Wallis). She admitted to being a “troll,” but stated she had “so much love to give” to her social media community. She also mentioned taking “some more time” for herself and her family.

Well, it seems as though she’s trying to do both those things at once, as soon after she shared her Medium blog post she was back with a lengthy Instagram share about her daughter Luna’s quarantine preschool graduation. Alongside some new ink of a child-drawn butterfly, Chrissy wrote about the John Legend-commenced event:

“Today our beautiful little pod celebrated their preschool graduation. I sobbed from beginning to end, breaking for laughter only when john’s much-anticipated-by-him commencement speech welcomed them to the workforce and listed the 5 p’s as pizza, peanut butter, petey, penny and parents. I sobbed because my god, what a year. But also, man. they’re SO young. Their eyes are gonna see so much. They’re going to experience pain, hurt, loss. But also love, success, unimaginable bonds with friends.”

Reflecting on her recent controversy, the 35-year-old continued:

“Then I thought about what I’ve learned just in the past few months and I feel a wealth of gratitude for life alone and those unimaginable bonds. to the people that never let up with the texts, to my diamond painters, the ones who wanted to give me space, the girls who wiped the snot, and my f**king rock of a husband, my god I love you. I pray all our little pod tots collect real ones all their lives. May they forever grow and learn, and maybe a little bit messy in the process.”

Referencing the new tat, she explained:

“Luna drew this butterfly on me today and it seemed fitting to make permanent. I wanted @winterstone to move and center it, due to issues I also discuss in therapy, but in the end we decided to leave it right where she belonged. A little imperfect, a little messy, but hell she’s here to stay. Lol.”

The Lip Sync Battle host concluded:

“Love you all to bits, I really do. Even if you hate me, I can honestly say I do not hate you. I send you love. How annoying is that! You must be soooo annoyed!! Anyhoo, love you, love you, love you. Here’s to the messes in progress.

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Seems like Chrissy hasn’t changed too much (yet) if she can’t help but throw in a jab about “annoying” her haters. And while many fans embraced her return to social media, others were less accepting. Many mentioned the recent accusations from Michael Costello, while others expressed their disappointment. Comments included:

“Beautiful tattoo. Didn’t really think the final joke was necessary after a few hours from the other post. It’s kinda still making fun of the situation and them.”

“This just shows you care about your family and that’s it. Everyone else’s mental health you don’t give a damn”

“You still don’t get it. And, I suspect you don’t care to ‘get it.’ You’re still getting pleasure from trying to annoy and hurt people! And end with ‘here’s to the messes in progress’ How about HERE IS TO THE VICTIMS OF THOSE MESSES. BTW, you’re not annoying you’re cruel. Big difference.”

Pretty harsh — but is it fair?

What do U think, Perezcious readers? Is it a good time for Chrissy’s comeback or does she need to extend her social media hiatus? Was this an appropriate message to post after all the drama? Will the internet ever forgive her??? Let us know your thoughts in the comments (below)!

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