Chrissy Teigen threatens legal action amid Michael Costello bullying claims, more news

Chrissy Teigen breaks her silence on Michael Costello bullying claims

Chrissy Teigen is speaking out about designer Michael Costello’s claims she bullied him so severely he became deeply and dangerously depressed, and even considered ending things at one point. After a member of her team claimed Michael had created fake DMs, saying those were what he shared to show Chrissy’s alleged past bullying, Chrissy posted a long statement on social media on June 18. “No idea what the f… michael costello is doing,” she wrote on Twitter. “He just released a statement where he didn’t at ALL acknowledge how fake the dm’s were, & now claims to have emails that don’t exist. So while he conjures those up (hopefully with someone more talented in fakes this time), here.” She then posted what she said were screenshots of the DMs she’d gotten from Michael through the years. She also shared her rep’s statement claiming the designer had faked the DMs. “And remember yesterday how confused he was about Leona Lewis’ stylists being so kind to him in recent years? Well imagine my surprise when I have these from the past 3 years,” she continued. The cookbook author went on to urge users not to “bully this man under the masquerade of defending me,” before concluding, “I just beg for you to know the truth.” Addressing Michael directly, she wrote, “Michael, you are now causing actual pain to people who are trying to better themselves. Enough. Or this WILL go further. Not here, but an actual court of law. And every dime we win will go to an anti bullying charity focused on turning this s— show into a positive. I wish you peace and healing. I have some places I’ve been attending if you’d like the connects.” Michael’s reps, meanwhile, have denied her claims the DMs were doctored. In a statement to FOX News on June 18, they wrote, in part, “… there are emails and documents unreleased to the public which confirms Chrissy … has gone beyond social media to blacklist Michael Costello offline, making him endure over seven years of suffering – mentally and financially.”

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Kim Cattrall’s NASA joke spawns ‘Sex And the City’ reboot memes for days

NASA’s social media team — with some help from a “Star Trek” fan and Kim Cattrall — unwittingly launched a hilarious meme trend this week involving Kim, the “Sex and the City” reboot, and Kim’s very public disinterest in participating in said reboot. It started when NASA tweeted that it would be sending a “manikin” on the Artemis I missionaround the moon to “record vibrations” on the way. A Trekkie, perhaps remembering that Kim appeared in a 1991 episode of the show, but definitely remembering that she played the mannequin in the 1987 flop, “Mannequin,”then retweeted NASA’s post, adding “Breaking news! @KimCattrall has been chosen to fly aboard @NASA’s #Artemis I mission which flies around the moon later this year. Congrats Kim, wishing you good vibrations! 🙂.” Kim, in turn, spotted the Trekkie’s post and chimed in with a photo of herself in an astronaut suit. While Kim is not actually going to space, Twitter users ran with the jokey thread just the same. They even tossed in some references to her well-documented feud with former “SATC” costar Sarah Jessica Parker, who’s now working on the Kim-free HBO Max “SATC” reboot, “And Just Like That …” NASA kicked the humorous responses off, replying to Kim, “That’s one giant leap for manne-kind.” Other users leaned deep into the “SATC” vibe, posting pics of SJP as Carrie Bradshaw writing her column alongside captions such as, “And with Samantha making her way through space, I couldn’t help but wonder… why does Saturn get to have a ring when I don’t?” … “She really left the planet just to get away from the SATC reboot” … and “She went to space instead of wasting one more minute with Sarah Jessica Parker.” (And just like that … we fell in love with Twitter all over again.)

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‘KUWTK’ reunion special: Kim Kardashian talks Kanye West, Kris Humphries splits; Van Jones, Maluma romance rumors

June 17’s “Keeping Up With the Kardashians: The Final Curtain” reunion served as the final installment of the Kardashian-Jenner family’s 20-season run on E!, and the special helped tie up lots of loose ends, especially regarding Kim Kardashian West, who reflected on her marriages, splits and current love life. Kim revealed that by the time she filed for divorce from Kanye West in February, the two had realized there was “not one … specific thing” that ended the marriage. “It was just a general difference of opinions on a few things that led to this decision,” she said (via Yahoo). Despite their split, Kim said she’ll “forever be Kanye’s biggest fan” and that he’ll “always be family.” As for her previous husband, Kris Humphries, Kim revealed she married him in a $10 million televised ceremony because she “felt pressured.” When the two split after 72 days of marriage, Kim said she “fully broke up with him in the worst way” and tried to apologize but he refused to take her calls “for months.” Finally, the mother of four addressed recent romance rumors about her relationships with CNN’s Van Jones and singer-songwriter Maluma. “No, I’m not dating either one — not Van Jones, not Maluma,” Kim said. Looking ahead, she added that she would “absolutely” consider dating someone outside of Hollywood. “Just someone that I think would understand what this life is about, though,” Kim mused. “And I just want something that’s like, really real.” The Kardashians and Jenners are expected to launch a new series on Hulu later this year.

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Taylor Swift reveals she’ll rerecord ‘Red’ next

Just last week, Swifties across the interwebs were bonding over their shared belief that “1989” would be the next album Taylor Swift would rerecord a la “Taylor’s Version.” Alas, the singer dashed those hopes on June 18 when she revealed 2012’s “Red” is next on her list. “I’ve always said that the world is a different place for the heartbroken. It moves on a different axis, at a different speed. Time skips backwards and forwards fleetingly,” Taylor posted on Instagram in her lengthy announcement. “Imagining your future might always take you on a detour back to the past. And this is all to say, that the next album I’ll be releasing is my version of Red,” she continued. Describing the album as “a heartbroken person,” Taylor continued: “It was all over the place, a fractured mosaic of feelings that somehow all fit together in the end. Happy, free, confused, lonely, devastated, euphoric, wild, and tortured by memories past. Like trying on pieces of a new life, I went into the studio and experimented with different sounds and collaborators. And I’m not sure if it was pouring my thoughts into this album, hearing thousands of your voices sing the lyrics back to me in passionate solidarity, or if it was simply time, but something was healed along the way.” She shared a release date, as well — Nov. 19 — and teased that “Red (Taylor’s Version)” would feature “hear all 30 songs that were meant to go on” the album, including one that’s “ten minutes long.” Taylor’s been rerecording the early albums that she lost rights to when her former label, Big Machine Records, sold her masters to her nemesis, Scooter Braun. He has since sold them for a profit, while the singer’s new versions have consistently broken streaming and sales records.

Chris Harrison reportedly left ‘The Bachelor’ with a $9M settlement

Earlier this month, Variety and Page Six reported former “Bachelor” host Chris Harrison was pushing for $25 million to exit the franchise amid backlash over his defense of a contestant’s resurfaced, racially insensitive social media posts. A new report from Variety, however, claims the figure was in the much more reasonable ballpark of $10 million, which included $9 million for his exit settlement plus “remaining contractual fees.” Reps for Chris — who hosted the franchise from its debut in 2002 until he went on a hiatus in February thatbecame permanent within a few months —as well as ABC and Warner Bros. declined to comment. (The two sources who cited actual numbers to Variety did so “on the condition of anonymity” because of their proximity to Chris’ “situation,” the outlet noted.) Chris as reportedly making $5 million a year through his contract with the franchise prior to his exit.

Report finds security failures contributed to deadly bombing at Ariana Grande’s 2017 Manchester concert

British authorities have determined that “serious shortcomings” in security measures contributed to the deadly bombing at Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester, England, on May 22, 2017. The new details were released as part of the first of three planned reports to come out of a public inquiry into the incident, which left 22 people dead after Salman Abedi set off a bomb in the foyer of AO Arena, where Ariana had just finished performing.According to Pitchfork, Sir John Saunders, who’s leading the inquiry, determined, “there were a number of missed opportunities to alter the course of what happened that night.” Responsibility for those missed opportunities falls primarily on the arena operators SMG, the security company Showsec, and the British Transport Police, Saunders said in the report. The document cites multiple instances indicating Abedi could be a threat that should have been investigated the night of the show, when the terror threat in the U.K. was already listed as “severe.” The report also found evidence security guards at the arena couldn’t always communicate with the security control room, while “SMG’s inadequate CCTV system” was compromised by a blind spot that Abedi was able to take advantage of. At one point, per the report, a parent picking up their child saw Abedi standing around in a suspicious location at the venue with a large knapsack — the same bag that turned out to contain an explosive device. When the parent alerted security, nothing was reportedly done. In addition to the nearly two dozen people, including children, who were killed in the attack, some 800 people were injured. Abedi died in the explosion; his brother Hashem Abedi was convicted in 2020 for assisting with his brother’s plan, according to ABC.

Nipsey Hussle, Carrie Fisher to posthumously join the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Nipsey Hussle will be honored with a posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame next year, as will the late Carrie Fisher, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce announcedthis week. The Walk of Fame Class of 2022 — which features 38 celebs from the worlds of movies, TV, radio, recording, live theater and sports entertainment — also includes recording artists George Clinton, Ashanti, Avril Lavigne, Black Eyed Peas and DJ Khaled. The new honorees for film are Francis Ford Coppola, Macaulay Culkin, Willem Dafoe, Salma Hayek, James Hong, Helen Hunt, Regina King, Ray Liotta, Ewan McGregor, Adam McKay, Jason Momoa and Tessa Thompson. Stars will also be conferred to TV honorees Byron Allen, Greg Berlanti, Ricky Gervais, Peter Krause, Bob Odenkirk, Holly Robinson Peete, Norman Reedus, Tracee Ellis Ross, Jean Smart, Ming-Na Wen and Kenan Thompson. Patti LuPone joins fellow live theater performance stars Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr., while Michael Strahan is the only sports entertainment honoree and Richard Blade is the sole radio personality to be honored in 2022.

How Demi Lovato’s friends, family are adjusting to their new pronouns

One month after Demi Lovato came out as non-binary and adopted “they / them” pronouns the people closest to the singer are getting comfortable with the change. In a new interview with Audacy music, Demi, 28, praised their family for making a real effort to support their identity, revised pronouns and all. “My family has done an incredible job… I’ve noticed [big sister Dallas Lovato] using them and they and it really does warm my heart up that people are trying,” Demi said. While their family is getting the new pronouns down, Demi’s pals are still struggling a bit. “My friends have had a little harder time to get used to actually,” Demi admitted. “Just because I think, like, your friends are the ones that you’re more likely to be like, ‘b—-. I’m like, ‘Look, you can still call me b—-!'” Demi, meanwhile, has realized there will still be times when the old feminine words will work just fine. “There are times where I might have to choose …,” they said. “I was in Texas, and I was like, ‘Does that make me a Cowboy or a Cowgirl?’ I don’t want to be a Cowhuman, so I’m just going to go with Cowgirl!'”

Brandi Glanville jokes she and LeAnn Rimes are like Eddie Cibrian’s ‘sister wives’

More than 10 years after Brandi Glanville split from Eddie Cibrian following news of his affair with LeAnn Rimes, Brandi and LeAnn are happily sharing a blended family. “The truth is LeAnn and I get along really well. We really do,” Brandi said this week on the “Hollywood Raw” podcast (via ET). “I think we’ve both grown up quite a bit. We both love Eddie’s parents. We both love the kids,” she added, referencing the sons, Mason, 18, and Jake, 14, she shares with her ex-husband. “Eddie’s going to be in my life for the rest of my life,” Brandi explained. “We bicker still like we’re married and we’re not… We’re like sister wives. It’s me and LeAnn and Eddie.” She went on to suggest it was her sons who helped bring her and LeAnn together as friends, because “they’re so happy” when their parents and step-mom can hang out together. She also acknowledged that LeAnn has been gracious in maintaining the family bond. “Usually we spend the holidays together, like Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, but I’ve never been invited to Eddie’s birthday, because why would you want your ex-wife at your … birthday?” Brandi shared. “But then yesterday, I got invited to his birthday… by LeAnn. And then my son actually said, ‘Well, dad didn’t invite you for sure.'” Nothin’ like a Hollywood ending at the end of the week!

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