Clay Walker Previews Upcoming Album With ‘Need A Bar Sometimes’

Clay Walker recently released “Need A Bar Sometimes,” the debut single from his new label Show Dog Nashville.

“Need a Bar Sometimes” marks the first single from Walker’s upcoming 12th album.

Walker signed with TKO Artist Management last year and with Toby Keith‘s Show Dog Nashville record label this month. He is working with the new creative and business teams for the new album.

The song was produced by Michael Knox (Jason Aldean) and Jaron Boyer and co-written by Walker alongside Boyer, Josh Mirenda and George Birge.

“The neo-traditional track is framed by a future-forward steel guitar lick and airy musical bed, finding Walker’s celebrated vocals going down as smooth as a cold beer on a hot day,” the multi-platinum selling country singer said in a press release.

“We all need a bar sometimes / Lean back with a long neck on a neon night / Somewhere you can sip and unwind / Or hang out with the party crowd till closing time / You might be drowning her leaving / Or just here drinking / But we all need a bar sometimes,” Walker sings.

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