Dan Walker breaks silence on BBC Breakfast absence as he shares insight into his escape

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Taking advantage of the latest loosening of European travel restrictions for half term, Dan Walker was able to enter Italy without the need for testing or quarantine. Together with his wife and three children, the BBC Breakfast presenter indulged in a family getaway to Rome.

Perfect family half-term escape!

Dan Walker

The Strictly star blended in with the other tourists, totally incognito thanks to the oversized sunglasses that disguised his face.

However, he took to Instagram to reveal more about his European getaway, a luxury which has scarcely been available to Brits during the pandemic.

Just a week before Boris Johnson is thought to be announcing the lifting of all restrictions nationwide, Dan demonstrated he was getting back into the swing of normal life with a series of snapshots from his time across the Italian capital.

“Perfect family half-term escape,” he captioned one photo of himself and his daughters, which he shared with followers.

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He followed up with a shot of the Colosseum, the largest ancient amphitheatre ever built, which was entitled: “I love this place.”

Though the venue has a dark and controversial history, once hosting brutal fights between gladiators – often slaves and prisoners of war – for public entertainment, it is a highly sought after tourist attraction today, normally receiving around four million visitors per year.

Then Dan confessed: “Rome is officially a lovely place to visit”, alongside a photo from inside the dazzling Pantheon.

Finally, followers were treated to a virtual viewing of the spectacular and ornately decorated roof in a section of the Vatican.

Although it is very easily accessible from central Rome, Vatican City is officially a territory in its own right, meaning that the Walker family were able to quickly pack two countries into just one half-term break.

Dan has never made a secret of his love for travel, having enjoyed many work trips to cover sporting events during his career as a journalist.

He has told followers that Brazil and Russia, where he covered the World Cup, are among his favourite locations in the world to visit.

However, not all of the destinations took Dan’s fancy.

“Kiev is a beautiful city, but I felt uneasy when I visited during the Uefa European Championship in 2012,” he confided during an interview with the Telegraph.

“It didn’t help that the main square was packed with rowdy football fans, but the locals weren’t particularly friendly either.

“I travelled in five taxis and none of the drivers said a word.”

Despite that, Dan has acknowledged feeling “very privileged” to have attended the major sporting events over the years.

An amusing moment in his travel history cropped up last year during Strictly Come Dancing, when Dan joked that he believed his ability to remain in the competition was so little, he had deliberately booked a holiday with his family which overlapped with week six of the show.

“If by some absolute freak of nature it goes well, I might have to cancel!” laughed the 44-year-old to iNews.

“But I don’t see myself being around for that long!”

Dan is expected to return to his BBC Breakfast slot soon.

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