DaniLeigh Calls Out Haters After Sparking Pregnancy Rumors

Prior to her rant on Instagram Live, there were chatters on social media that the Miami-born artist might be pregnant after a video featured Dani sporting what appeared to be a baby bump.

AceShowbizDaniLeigh has had enough of the amount of hate comments she’s been receiving. The “Yellow Bone” singer went on Instagram Live on Tuesday, March 9 to call out people who endlessly throw hate on her for various things.

“I got a question, ’cause it seems like y’all really just come for everything,” the singer said. “I just wanna know…y’all come for my walk, y’all come for my body, y’all come for my style, y’all come for my relationship history, y’all come for everything. Y’all come for everything.”

She went on saying, “What are you gonna do when you just can’t find s**t to come for? What are you gonna do when you’re just like, looking so deeply into a picture or video that I have and you just like, ‘Damn, what can I say?’ What are you gonna do when you just can’t find anything? I just wanna know. What are you gonna do?”

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Some fans started to feel sympathetic to Dani after she expressed her frustration. “I lowkey be feeling bad for Danileigh..it’s like the whole world be tryna bully this girl. Don’t even know her fr. She prolly sweet af,” one Twitter user wrote. “Y’all call DaniLeigh corny but she’s just a very grateful women to me,” a fan added. Meanwhile, someone appeared to blame Dani’s ex-boyfriend DaBaby for the backlash, writing, “Dani Leigh is a prime example of how f**kin with the wrong n***a can ruin ya life.”

Prior to her rant, there were chatters on social media that Dani might be pregnant that led to her trending on Twitter. The speculation arose after a video saw the Miami-born star sporting what appeared to be a baby bump.

In the said clip, Dani was seen donning a red dress while greeting and taking some pictures with fans. Noticing the possible baby bump, one Internet user said, “She happy asf to show that belly.” Another fan added, “She definitely wanted that belly seen.”

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