David Eason Gets Roasted on Cameo: You Ain’t No Influencer, Bruh!

Last week, we reported on the Jenelle Evans’ latest attempt to fill her pockets and avoid getting a real job.

Jenelle joined Cameo, a service that enables fans to buy personalized video greetings from their favorite celebrities.

Predicably, the partnership was fraught from the start, as critics cautioned the company against doing business with a known bigot and alleged that Evans was misleading fans with her claims that their purchase would benefit a charitable organization.

Jenelle doesn’t seem to have made much of a splash on the site.

Her page features only three reviews — the same three that were there when she joined Cameo on Friday.

They’re all five-star raves, which suggests they were written by either Jenelle, or a member of her inner circle.

Never one to pass up an opportunity to ride his wife’s coattails, David Eason also joined Cameo, and his foray into the personalized shout-out industry is going even worse.

David is charging just $49 to Jenelle’s $75, but even with the price break, he’s receiving far less attention.

Eason has just one generic review on his page (“Great Cameo!” it reads), and elsewhere on the internet, he’s getting roasted to oblivion for his lame cash-grab.

“Hey there all you cool cats and kittens. I’m excited to do some shoutouts for you guys if you want to hit me up,” he said in an introductory video.

“Give a shoutout to your boyfriend, your husband, your Grandpa, your Grandma, all of them…holla at your boy. Cannot wait to talk to you guys.”

Even a timely Tiger King reference wasn’t enough to save Dave from the legions who despise him for his abusive behavior and bigoted remarks.

“INFLUENCER????? Wtf. I guess anyone can say they’re influencers these days. I should start calling myself one,” one Reddit user wrote.

“INFLUENCER?!?! Hahahaha David you ain’t influencing nobody except for the US Secret Service and CPS to do a welfare check on your swamp,” another added.

“But, but but…..he hates the camera & didn’t want to be on Teen Mom,” a third chimed in, pointing out the irony of the remarks Eason made after he was fired from Teen Mom 2.

On Twitter, one user appealed to he company directly.

“@BookCameo I have booked talent on your App many times,” she tweeted.

“But this is too much… How are you allowing a dog killing, homophobic racist to get paid on your platform? Here’s some news about David Eason. David was fired from MTV for being all of those things,” she added.

“Then his wife Jenelle Evans was fired for staying with him. He said he’d slap the shit out of his kid if it’s was #trans”

Yes, fans haven’t forgotten about David killing the family dog last year or spewing racist, homophobic, transphopbic nonsense throughout his time in he spotlight.

It won’t be easy for him to move past those things, but you can be damn sure he’ll continue trying.

After all, the alternative is getting a real job, and there’s no way he’s doing that.

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