Donald Trump Accused Of Lacking ‘Emotion’ While Revealing His Friends Died From Coronavirus

Does Donald Trump have a soul? That’s what many are asking as he showed no emotion while revealing during a news conference that he’s had friends die from the coronavirus.

Donald Trump has admitted that he doesn’t cry, but would it kill him to show some emotion when talking about so many Americans dead from the coronavirus? It became especially clear that it was never going to happen when during his April 16 COVID-19 briefing, he talked about how several of his own friends have died from it, but didn’t seem to show any sense of heartbreak or sadness over the tragic turn of events.

“Very powerful. People don’t realize. We all probably have friends. I have a number of people who were – just great people – who were just decimated by what happened. Some are dead right now. They’re dead. They went into a hospital. One called me. He said, ‘I tested positive.’ Four days later he was dead. The following day – the day after he said that – he was unconscious. So this is a tough deal. At the same time, some people got sniffles and they didn’t even realize they had a problem,” Trump said with zero emotion in his voice.

CNN reporter Daniel Dale tweeted in disbelief, “Trump on how this virus has ‘decimated’ people, even his own friends: ‘Some are DEAD, right now. They’re dead.’” User Barbara H wrote, “Trump spoke of a ‘friend’ of his who called & said he had coronavirus, and 4 days later he was dead. No emotion, not a tear, no condolences. The man is a heartless bastard whose only concern is $$$.” @MSGLpeeps pointed out, “Trump just talked about his dead friend with no emotion whatsoever.”

Some thought he was making it up, as user @housesandme tweeted, “Trump just said that his friend called him on the phone and said, ‘I tested positive,’ and four days later he was dead. This was said in the midst of a casual talk about the dead. He knows full well that we can’t check on who it is. Smells like a fresh lie.” User @kathymulm was so appalled and tweeted, “Trump is the sickest person. He says dead and death talking about friends like he’s talking about eating French fries that were too cold to eat. TRUMP IS A SOCIOPATHIC MONSTER.”

This isn’t much different from the way Trump spoke on the news during an April 13 press conference that his friend, legendary Manhattan real estate developer Stanley Chera, had died on April 11 from the coronavirus. He didn’t even bring it up, as a reporter called out the question about Stanley’s passing and asked for a response from Trump. “He’s a great real estate person…was…passed away…great great,” Trump said. He revealed that his longtime friend called him a few weeks ago to tell him he tested positive for COVID-19. “Stanley went to the hospital a few weeks ago and never came out,” Trump said matter of factly. So Stanley’s not the “four day” dead friend that Trump mentioned on the 16th.

Then in a move that showed his true narcissism, Trump turned around and made Stanley’s death about HIMSELF! “He was so excited when his friend from New York became the President of the United States. He was so excited. He thought we’d do such a good job and he was so happy, and he was very proud of what we have done in this administration. But he was tested positive, & unfortunately he didn’t make it.”

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