Duane Chapman Gushes Over Fiancee: I Know Beth Would Approve!

Less than 11 months after the passing of his beloved wife, Duane “Dog The Bounty Hunter” Chapman is engaged to his new love.

Now, he is opening up about his fiancee, their relationship, and how the late, great Beth would feel about the engagement.

Duane spoke to TMZ Live about his engagement news.

“For a living, she’s a rancher,” Duane notes, speaking of fiancee Francie Frane.

“And,” he adds, “she recently lost her husband to cancer six months before I lost Beth Chapman.”

Beth passed away in June of 2019 after a lengthy battle with throat cancer.

“So we hopped on the phone, started talking to each other, crying and consoling each other,” Duane describes.

“And then,” he recalls, “one thing led to another.”

“And it’s just incredible that I’ve been able to meet someone like her,” the reality star gushes.

Sometimes, people whose grief might have kept them from moving on can instead use it to bond and forge a happier future.

“With Francie, I’m allowed to speak about Beth,” Duane affirms.

He adds that “we speak about her husband.”

“We cry,” Duane shares. “We hold each other.”

Emotional support is exactly what they need, not demands that they bury all talk of their ex.

Duane adds that, as he has admitted in the past, he cried “every single day” after Beth’s tragic death.

“I am a fixer,” Duane characterizes hmself.

He adds that “I have to catch bad guys.”

“I got to be at the top of my game,” Duane expresses.

Duane shares that, in his opinion, “I can’t feel sorry for myself or guilty.”

“I got to go out there and make a difference,” he adds.

“That’s what I do for a living,” Duane states, “so I’ve got to man up.”

Of Francie, he adds: “She helps me do that.”

Duane also speaks, in a roundabout way, of how Beth Chapman might feel about this engagement.

“As far as my gene pool, I think she would approve,” he expresses.

Duane muses: “I didn’t have ranchers in my gene pool.”

I am genuinely curious as to what Duane thinks that a gene pool is.

“I don’t know if Beth even knows,” Duane adds.

He adds of his late wife: “She’s kicking around with the angels.”

“She’s all happy,” Duane concludes, admitting: “I don’t know if she knows.”

A lot of religious and spiritual beliefs include the deceased observing their loved ones, either as ghosts or from a separate afterlife.

Beth told Duane before she died that she did not want him to “replace” her.

That was not necessarily a command for him to remain single for life, however.

Different loved ones and yes, different partners and spouses, can fill different niches in one’s life and emotional well-being.

Presumably, each of Duane’s wives have had a distinct role in his life. Like with polyamorous relationships, but not all at once.

Duane’s last reported relationship did not go over well with his family.

Moon Angell, who had been a longtime employee of his and Beth’s, seemed to be “replacing” Beth in his life.

In contrast, his family has vocally endorsed his romance with Francie Frane.

It sounds like they are really good for each other, even if no one will ever replace Beth.

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