Dylan O’Brien Actually Loved the ‘Dylan O’Brien Is Over Party’ Trending Topic, Except For This…

Dylan O’Brien was the latest victim of a Twitter hashtag on Thursday night (July 2).

The trending topic “#dylanobrienisoverparty” was started and the actor himself even got in on it!

Though the topic was widespread, and trending, it was all in good fun from fans, who shared funny, fake claims, but Dylan didn’t mind, minus one thing…

“I love this trend so much, but god dammit spell my name right,” he wrote in reply to one tweet that spelled his name “dillion”

Dylan even replied to one tweet on the topic that appears to be from a friend, who said that they were canceling Dylan because he made her wear socks before getting on his couch.

He replied with, “Every Single Time,” along with a heart and socks emojis, as well as a photo of very dirty feet.

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