Elite’s Miguel Bernardeau Stars in Anti-SeaWorld PETA Ad

Miguel Bernardeau is taking a stand.

The 23-year-old Elite star appears in a new PETA campaign against SeaWorld.

“I can’t imagine how terribly orcas and dolphins, who can swim for miles and miles a day in the ocean, suffer when they are trapped in tiny tanks,” he says in the campaign video.

PETA is calling on SeaWorld to use its pandemic closure to plan the transfer of the captive orcas and other dolphins to seaside sanctuaries and to make rides, not live animals, the center of its business model.

“Dozens of orcas and hundreds of dolphins have died languishing in tiny tanks. No one gave us the right to abuse animals this way. Animals are NOT ours to use for entertainment,” he went on to say.

“People my age, we don’t want to see animals in captivity. We want to keep orcas and dolphins in the ocean, where they belong.”

Watch Miguel Bernardeau‘s campaign…

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