Erika Jayne: I Support Black Lives Matter AND My Cop Son!

Erika Jayne doesn’t back down when it comes to speaking on any aspect of her life, but some topics are more sensitive than others.

When she was accused of hypocrisy over her police officer son, Erika let one troll have it.

On Tuesday, like so many people from all walks of life, Erika Jayne participated in the #tuesdayblackout.

The purpose was to avoid distracting from important messages from Black Lives Matter activists.

In other words, people who normally post makeup tips or belfies or whatever on Instagram took the day off to uplift other voices.

As these courageous protests continue, people are sharing links to where people can donate and other ways for them to help.

When Erika Jayne did the same, one of her commenters accused her of hypocrisy.

After all, the Instagram user points out, “your son is an officer.”

Tommy Zizzo, to whom Erika gave birth in 1994, is indeed a police officer.

It seems that, in some people’s eyes, this means that Erika should not support the rights of black Americans to not be extrajudicially murdered by cops.

“My son was brought up NOT to be racist,” Erika clapped back in a fiery reply.

She asserted: “His job is to protect and serve ALL!”

“Not,” Erika continued, “just people who have his skin color.”

“F–k you,” she told the commenter, “and stay off my page.”

Erika was clearly and vocally responding to a suggestion that she cannot love her son and these ongoing nationwide protests.

She is hardly the only person with family in law enforcement who stands with protesters.

White supremacy, police violence, and systematic racism and oppression are horrors.

While all police by their profession support and enforce the systems within our nation, that doesn’t make their loved ones proponents of oppression.

In the past, Erika has reflected upon the complicated spotlight that she cast on her son by rising to fame — long before she was a Real Housewife.

“I put him on Instagram,” she acknowledged, “and he’s my best-performing post.”

“He didn’t choose this life,” Erika stated in reference to her status as a public figure.

Rather, she explained: “I chose this life.”

“And,” Erika explained, “you try to protect them.”

“I don’t care if he is an adult,” she stated, continuing “and he carries a gun and a badge.”

“At the end of the day,” Erika affirmed, “he’s still my boy.”

“But I posted it and I’m glad I did,” she declared. 

“He is a very fine young man,” Erika praised her beloved son, “and I’m so proud.”

Anyone should know better than to come into her mentions and attack her for loving her son and loving fundamental human rights.

Erika’s famous sass that causes her to speak her mind on reality TV is not reserved exclusively for her castmates.

Come for her on social media, and she’ll clap right back.

Obviously, we have all heard the stories of police forces who knelt with protesters for the cameras, then bombarded them with tear gas and 40mm rounds minutes later.

It’s a PR tactic — get their good photos for the cameras and then spread fear through violence against peacefully assembled Americans.

But there have also been instances of police forces who, through strong leadership and their own consciences, remember their duty to citizens.

Yes, some police like the NYPD seem to be rioting, trapping protesters and plowing through crowds with their cruisers. But others have behaved differently.

That doesn’t mean that sweeping, nationwide police reform isn’t absolutely critical.

Qualified immunity must be abolished. Oversight must ensure that prosecutorial discretion never again acts as a shield for murderers with badges.

But trying to make that Erika Jayne’s problem doens’t make any sense.

Sadly, she does not write our laws.

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