Farrah Abraham Slams Chrissy Teigen's Non-Apology, but Doesn't Want Her Canceled

Farrah Abraham has read Chrissy Teigen‘s apology for cyberbullying, and says it rings hollow until she backs it up with some specific actions — and yet, she doesn’t want Chrissy canceled.

We got the former ‘Teen Mom’ star Wednesday in L.A., and asked her if she’d gotten an apology from Chrissy. Remember, the former SI swimsuit model didn’t name names when she said she was going to reach out to people she’s hurt in the past.

Farrah — who responded to Chrissy’s apology with her own post — tells us Chrissy has NOT reached out, and she thinks she has an idea why: Farrah says she doesn’t think Chrissy “has the emotional or mental capability at this time to apologize properly to anyone.”

In fact … Farrah scoffs at Chrissy’s posted apology and says it’s just her way out of having to deal with the real problem at hand … making serious amends.

Farrah’s advice … don’t ignore the obvious task at hand and reach out. Farrah says if Chrissy actually did have a breakthrough, she’d do exactly that.

Farrah was one of Chrissy’s targets back in the day … calling her a “w****” in a 2013 tweet while taking shots at her about her sex tape and saying everyone hates her.

When we asked Farrah if she thinks Chrissy should be canceled … she surprised us by saying no. Instead, she’d like to see something else happen. It’s actually a decent take on cancel culture.

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