Fiona Apple Joins George Floyd Protests In Los Angeles

Fiona Apple joined the ongoing protests against racism and police brutality over the weekend, to support justice for George Floyd, who lost his life due to the merciless act of four Minnesota police officers.

Apple, wearing a mask, was seen marching along with other protesters in Santa Monica, with a signboard that said, “Cops: Don’t be white chauvinists. Arrest the other three!!!”

All the four officers, including Derek Chauvin, have now been arrested. Chauvin has been charged second degree murder and manslaughter.

The video shared to Instagram by filmmaker and Apple’s housemate Zelda Hallman, also sees her shouting, “”Black lives matter.”

“Getting justice for Mr. George Floyd is just the beginning of a VERY long road of dismantling racism in our institutions,” Hallman wrote.
“But let’s get that justice. By the way, this was a peaceful protest but the police decided to change that and then I came home and watched a @cnn corespondent outright lie about what was happening.”

“Let’s get justice for Mr. Floyd and then we continue to tackle the rest of it. Justice is needed. Justice is required. Justice will not be denied,” she added.

Apple is known to speak out against injustice. During the release of her latest album, Fetch the Bolt Cutters, she made sure to include that the album was recorded “on unceded Tongva, Mescalero Apache, and Suma territories” in the credits.

(Photo: Sachyn Mital)

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