Florida Principal Forced to Resign Over David Statue Welcomed in Florence

Michelangelo david

An ex-principal — who was forced to resign after her school showed off the naked David statue to students — made the trek to Italy … and was welcomed with open arms.

Hope Carrasquilla paid a visit to the famed Accademia Gallery museum in Florence Friday with her family in tow — this after the city’s mayor had invited her to come see David for herself following her unceremonious ousting last month … which he called outrageous.

Galleria Accademia Firenze

Cecilie Hollberg — Accademia’s director — gave Carrasquilla and her brood a VIP tour of the place … which, of course, included an up-close view of Michelangelo’s iconic artwork.

She said hosting them was a pleasure, adding … “I am happy to be able to welcome her and introduce her to the beauties of our museum, besides showing her the David, a sculpture that, I repeat as I have said, has nothing to do with pornography. It’s a masterpiece, it represents a religious symbol of purity and innocence, the victory of good over evil.”

Hope Carrasquilla

Carrasquilla also met with Mayor Dario Nardella … who spoke out on her situation in March, when she got the boot from Tallahassee Classical School. Nardella rolled out the red carpet for her, it seems, and again defended her amid the controversy.

He writes, “A few weeks ago she was attacked for showing her students Michelangelo’s David. Today it receives from @comunefi an award in the name of art and culture. Art is civilization and whoever teaches it deserves respect. Welcome Professor Hope Carrasquilla!”

If you hadn’t heard … Carrasquilla stepped down after parents expressed outrage over their children being shown images of David’s nude body during a lesson plan on the Renaissance in front of sixth graders. They felt it was inappropriate, and were mad they weren’t given a heads-up. In the end, Carrasquilla took the fall … telling local media she was “saddened.”

It’s just the latest instance of parents flexing their rights over their children’s curriculum in public schools there in Florida … which has been an ongoing issue for a few years now.

If David’s off the table for learning … ya gotta wonder what else will go. There’s a lot of nudity in historical art — especially in Michelangelo’s body of work. Bye-bye, Sistine Chapel?

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