George Clooney Forced to Move Outdoor Toilet After It’s Criticized by District Council

The former Batman actor moves the project to build an outdoor toilet to a new location in his mansion after it was blocked over concerns for compromising a protected tree.

AceShowbizGeorge Clooney has been granted permission to build an outdoor toilet in his back garden.

The proposed outbuilding, in the style of a “typical garden shed,” is described in planning documents as a simple single-storey, timber construction with a pitched roof clad in cedar shingles.

However, South Oxfordshire District Council’s forestry team said the project compromised the roots of a protected redwood tree, and it looked like the concerns could throw the work off course.

Tree officer Tim Onslow-Free, who assessed the application, explained that the proposed facilities could not be erected in the originally planned area, but suggested it could be relocated “to a more appropriate location without causing foreseeable harm to Category A trees.”

Now “Tomorrowland” star Clooney, 58, and his human rights lawyer wife Amal, 42, have moved the toilet to a new spot on their extensive grounds, with council case officer Paul Lucas giving the project the green light.

“Following advice from the Forestry Officer, amended plans were submitted to show the building relocated to a more appropriate location,” he said, reported Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper.

The couple paid $15 million for their lavish home, on the banks of the River Thames, just a few weeks after their wedding six years ago.

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