Haylie Duff Reveals If Her Sister Hilary’s Newborn, Mae, Has Given Her ‘Baby Fever’

Does Haylie Duff want a third child after seeing her sister, Hilary Duff, welcome another baby just a few weeks ago? She dished to HL in an EXCLUSIVE interview!

Hilary Duff gave birth to her daughter Mae James Bair on March 24, and while Haylie Duff revealed she has yet to meet the newborn, she’s “very excited” to have some face time with the third born. In an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife, Haylie revealed if her sister’s third child is giving her baby fever and an urge to add a third to her flock! “The truth is that whenever your youngest baby turns two, some crazy thing goes off inside you, where you’re like, ‘Oh, I want another baby.’ But I think we’re good at two,” she admitted. “Since Lulu was born, honestly, I feel like I’m not missing another baby. But, if we had another baby, I’d be thrilled. You know? I’m happy to chill it at two, also.”

Haylie, who is the mom to daughters Lulu, 2, and Ryan, 5, spoke to HollywoodLife in partnership with Mrs. T’s, who is celebrating moms everywhere by spotlighting the story of an All-Star Mom on social media each week and sharing fun prize packages with honorees, including cash and up to a year’s supply of Mrs. T’s Pierogies. “I feel like we learned so much about ourselves in this last year. One of the things I definitely learned the most is whatever you think you know your schedules or your boundaries of screen time, whatever it is — you don’t really know,” the Real Girl’s Kitchen star said of parenting through the pandemic. “You have to be flexible and go with the flow a little more.”

She continued, “I learned to loosen up a bit. We don’t have to always be on the schedule, we don’t always have to get to bed at the same time. Enjoy your family a little more and not stress over like all the little stuff.”

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