Here’s How Kylie Jenner Feels About Drake Calling Her a ‘Side Piece’ in Old Song

Kylie Jenner was name-dropped in a previously unreleased Drake song, where she was called his “side piece” in one lyric.

Well, a source is now speaking out about how Kylie felt about the track becoming public last week.

“She has no hard feelings about it. She knew it was old,” a source told E! News. “Her and Drake are still very good friends and she just laughed it off.”

Drake quickly released a statement about the lyric and Kylie apparently “appreciated” that he was quick to release the statement.

Drake and Kylie still keep in touch regularly and all is good,” the source added about their current relationship.

In late 2019, there were rumors floating around about Kylie and Drake and here’s what we know.

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