Here’s Why the New ‘Gossip Girl’ Series Is NOT a Reboot

Gossip Girl will be returning in a big way in 2021 with a new series on HBO Max and showrunner Joshua Safran wants to set something straight – it’s not a reboot!

After photos went viral this month from the set of the upcoming series, which filmed a scene on the iconic steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, everyone was calling it a reboot.

Safran spoke out to explain why the show is more of an “extension” than a “reboot.”

“Okay, I want to explain why I saw this is not a reboot,” he wrote on Instagram story. “A) The cast aren’t playing the original characters B) It exists in the same world as the original C) The same creators and one of the original writers are making it D) No one involved with it is calling it a reboot”

Better Call Saul is not a reboot. The Power spin-offs are not reboots. This show falls somewhere between those two,” he continued. “But I’m just grateful people are intrigued enough to write about us!”

He’s also expressed on Twitter the reasoning for not calling it a reboot.

“I really wanted this to feel like an extension and in no way a reboot. So it’s an evolution of the story, not a retread. That said, there are echoes. Constance and St. Judes are still Constance and St. Judes, after all,” Joshua said in September. See more tweets below!

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