Huge Shark Attacks Fisherman On Kayak, Insane Video!

A fisherman in Hawaii just had a real-life “Jaws” moment … after a massive shark attacked him while kayaking in the ocean, and the entire death-defying encounter was caught on video!

It all happened on Friday, May 12 … Scott Haraguchi was out fishing near the Kualoa shore in Honolulu, Hawaii. After catching a fish, he forgot to turn off his GoPro … and it’s a good thing he did.

Just a few minutes later, everything seems normal until all of a sudden, a tiger shark attacked his kayak, biting the boat for about 2 seconds, as Haraguchi screamed in fear.

Thankfully, Scott was able to kick the shark off.

Haraguchi, of course, was freaked out, and went on to warn nearby fishermen … telling KITV he initially thought it was a turtle.

“I heard a whooshing sound that sounded like a boat heading towards me without the motor and I looked up and I saw this big brown thing,” Haraguchi said.

“My brain thought it was a turtle but then I got slammed by it and realized that it was a tiger shark.”

Haraguchi also said he’s lucky to be alive and is concerned about the several shark sightings in the area, including a 20-foot shark the day after his incident.

“I realize that life is short, time is short on Earth, so make the most of it.”

Stay safe!! 🦈

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