‘I was a s*** husband’ Shane Richie lifts the lid on marriage to Coleen Nolan

Coleen Nolan reveals Shane Richie's reaction at son's wedding

Coleen Nolan, 58, and Shane Richie, 59, were one of the hottest showbiz couples of the nineties, with a marriage that spanned nearly a decade.

However, behind the scenes of their fairytale romance, it has been claimed their relationship crumbled after they struggled with infidelity on both sides.

Over the years the couple has spoken on separate occasions about the difficult times in their marriage and how it came to a devastating end.

In a recent interview with Kaye Adams on her podcast How To Be 60, Shane said: “Me and Coleen were babies when we were together, we became parents when we were very young. 

“That was first and foremost my job was father and a husband. I’m not sure I was a great husband but I’m pretty sure I was a good dad. 

“I think Coleen will probably admit I was a s*** husband,” he added.

Coleen and Shane first met in 1986 when they were both in their early twenties.

At first, the couple had planned to wed in a big ceremony four years later, but instead called it off and eloped to Florida.

Coleen previously said on Loose Women: “Shane pulled me to one side and said, ‘I can’t do this. I feel like we’re just being told to turn up on the day and it’s nothing to do with us,’ so we cancelled it all and eloped and didn’t tell anybody.”

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They went on to have two sons together, Jake Roche, 30 and Shane Ritchie Jr, 34.

However, Coleen began to become suspicious after she spotted a brunette woman in the corner of a room at an industry party for one of Shane’s musicals in 1996.

She recalled: “At the after-show party I can distinctly remember examining this one girl. There were loads of people there but she just stood out. 

“She had really long dark hair and was wearing a skin-tight white dress.

“Well, it must have been female intuition because that turned out to be the girl Shane had an affair with.”

In his autobiography Rags to Riches, Shane confirmed he had cheated on Coleen with the dancer and actress in question, Claire Taylor.

“I was lying so much that I couldn’t remember which story I’d told to each of them. And I’d lie to cover up the lies,” he said.

Coleen also said she would visit Shane in Manchester where he was working at the time, and he would not make time for her.

The couple have since put the past behind them and have continued a friendship as the pair co-parented their two children.

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