Im A Celebs Toff admits: I stalk my exes on Instagram and end up getting blocked

She was crowned Queen of the Jungle in 2017 – and now Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo is back on our screens entertaining viewers with her no-nonsense attitude on I’m A Celebrity South Africa.

Remaining cheerful in the face of even the most testing Bushtucker Trials, Toff, 28, has been a cheerleader of the group.

She’s dished out some tough love at times, even telling campmate Helen Flanagan, “You’ve got to do better this time. Sorry to be savage, but you have to.”

Since filming the series last September, we caught up with the former Made In Chelsea star to discuss her memories of the camp, why she burned her bra and why sampling liquidised kangaroo anus has left her prepared to eat anything…

You seem so happy in the jungle. Were you stressed?

I was happy on the whole but I will let you into a bit of a secret here – I have terrible jaw pain because I grind my teeth from stress. I had Botox in my jaw and, oh my God, the pain was gone after two weeks. I cannot recommend it enough, it’s the best thing. It’s the only procedure I’ve ever had done and my guy gives it to me every six months and the pain goes. Maybe it’s because I talk too much.

Was this your first time in South Africa?

I was there in 2021 to do a piece for morning TV about rhinos and preventative poaching. They think it’s the lesser of two evils to get rid of the horns, because if not, they’ll be poached. So, I stepped out with the vets and we darted the rhinos to sedate them. I had all these other ones around me and I was terrified that they would charge. Everyone in my earpiece is like, “Toff, get the content!” when I could have been trampled at any moment! I’m such a Bridget Jones!

How did you cope with the Bushtucker Trials?

Put it this way, after liquidising kangaroo anus, I will do anything now. I mean what could be worse than the things I did first time around? Obviously, I was happy and pretty strong so I didn’t struggle with many challenges. The one that I found so frustrating was where I had to lift huge barrels of gunk. I really didn’t have the energy – I was so skinny then – and I was annoyed because I didn’t do very well in it.

You lost a lot of weight during your first stint in the jungle…

Having not eaten, I lost so much weight. It must have been 1½st in all. I mean I’ve got no tits anyway but they were non-existent afterwards and I didn’t have a bra. The night before the final I put my bra next to the fire to dry because I had washed it. Then I burned the straps so it ended up in the bin. The only thing left to wear was a vest and I walked over the bridge and all you could see were my nipples. To this day, I still love my chicken fillets and my very large pants!

What worried you most about going back on the show for a second time?

I suppose my skin. It was pretty bad when I ventured into the jungle. But it got better in the end because I drank water and ate rice and beans. But it also shows that it’s a lifestyle thing as well. Since then, I have been walking around London and getting on the Tube and having a cheeky ciggie and it doesn’t help.

What made you decide to do a documentary about your acne?

I have been terribly trolled in the past about my skin and that’s the negative thing the trolls focus on. When I won the jungle [in 2017], I had adoration but they were nasty about my spots. Since I have owned the story so much, what more can they say? The scarring is quite severe but I’ve had acne for 16 years. I have thought about laser treatment and when it comes down to it, I always cancel. I guess they’re part of me and now people message me every day with pictures of their spots. For anyone else, that would seem quite odd. But I’m like, “Oh my God, that looks good.”

Are you still in touch with Boris Johnson’s dad Stanley? [Toff bonded with him in the 2017 series of I’m A Celeb.]

My friend organised a big party for my birthday and it was amazing. I walked into the room and it was a huge surprise because Stanley was there! What kind of relationship is it? Well, we’re too close friends for it to be a fatherly or grandfatherly relationship. Basically, we share the same sense of humour and like the same things. My grandfather was still with us then and I sat and had a glass of wine at 3am with him. He said, “The thing that I can take away from this evening is that your friends are old!” I did look at my diary and saw that it was full of people in their fifties and sixties.

Are you looking for love?

A big part of a relationship is being able to live with someone. But I’m pretty independent. I am a bit of a lone wolf, but I take pride in that. I have stalked all of my exes. Me and my mates have set up anonymous Instagram accounts about ex-boyfriends and I’ve had the funniest aliases. But we always get caught out and the guy ends up blocking us. I think people are lying if they say in this day and age that they don’t stalk an ex. Well, I do big time. I analyse love too much but I guess you were with your ex for a reason. I am quite lucky that I am on good terms with most of mine. I think there’s only one I don’t want to go for a drink with!

Is it true you’re not actually as posh as you sound?

I am so posh to the point of caricature! But if you met my parents, they are so normal. My dad’s got a real Devonshire twang. I went to Torquay Girls’ Grammar School. I always say the greatest gift is education – more so than any handbags or make-up. I was the first generation of my family that went to that type of school – I had an academic scholarship. They sent me off to this school and I came back with a pole up my arse!


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