Inside millionaire In The Style boss Adam Frisby and fiancé Jamie Corbett’s incredible home with state-of-the-art gym and minimalist decor

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In The Style boss Adam Frisby and his fiancé Jamie Corbett live in a stunning six-bedroom home on the outskirts of Manchester and have opened up the doors of their abode to OK!

The couple have been together for close to a decade and got engaged in 2018 when Adam popped the question at Jamie’s 30th birthday party.

Taking OK! on an exclusive tour around their stunning home, Adam and Jamie reveal that they have spent the last four months turning it into their dream house.

The first room the pair showed off is the chic kitchen, kitted out white black and white furnishings and appliances, and an incredibly comfortable-looking couch.

Adam said: "The kitchen is both of our favourite room in the house, it’s the entertainment space of the house."

He joked that it is where he does all the cooking and cleaning, before Jamie called out his fiancé and joked he would give him £100 if he knew how to turn the oven on.

Adam continued to say: "This is where we spend most of our time – in the living and kitchen area", while Jamie added that he loves when people are in the living area having a laugh and drinking and he is entertaining, or when the pair relax in front of the TV.

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The couple’s second favourite room in the house is their office, with Adam describing it as “the heart” of what he does and his job as boss of In The Style.

He said: "I love it, I go in there and get stuff done and it’s my proud place to go really."

Jamie then joked: “It's that place where we both go to get away from each other, it’s quite nice."

Adam showed OK! around the space, which has clothing from In The Style hanging from rails and wall hangings, while he pointed out Jamie’s contribution to the office – some hanging wall plants and greenery.

Referencing the colourful feature wall of the room with cuttings and pictures showing off his company’s success, Adam explained: “This wall is the hall of fame of In The Style, so I look at it and feel very very proud.”

Moving onto the home's lounge, Jamie said that the sofa in the room adds to its feel as a comfortable and cosy space.

Though the room is one of their favourites in the house, Adam admitted that they have only used it about five times since they moved in about six months ago.

Showing us around the room decorated in relaxing nude and beige colours, Adam explained that it is where they invested the most of their time and money into and the ginormous sofa, the pair revealed, is what their family and friends want to relax on when they come around.

Next, Adam revealed that his gym is a very important room in the house, especially since lockdown began.

Jamie admitted that he doesn’t use the gym, but Adam said: “I go in every day and use it, it’s kind of like my get away from the house space, even though it’s just there."

Adam converted the garage of the house into the gym and while he loves it, Jamie is not so convinced.

As he picked up a weight and sat on a bench, Jamie said: “To be honest this is probably my least favourite room in the house, I don’t spend that much time in here at all.”

The pair’s final favourite place in their home, they revealed, is their master bedroom, which Jamie says, they decorated so it had a bachelor pad theme to it.

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Though the black-and-white space is incredible, Adam admits he wasn’t so keen on it at first.

He said: “I actually didn’t like it at first, I was like ‘this is too not cosy enough', it didn’t have carpet in there, but now I like it. I like how open it is.

"We haven’t put any curtains on the window, the window is gorgeous, it’s a really nice feature and we haven’t put in any curtains so it naturally wakes us up really early, which I love."

Despite Adam's reservations, Jamie loves their room, telling us: "I absolutely love the master bedroom, I designed it on a New York bachelor pad theme, but Adam is yet to be convinced."

However, laying on their bed, Adam insisted he does like the room, but is just not so keen on their black and silver pillows, as he playfully tossed one at Jamie.

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