It was very strange Kate Garraway speaks out on first night out without husband Derek

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On Monday evening, Kate Garraway, 54, enjoyed her first night out since February 2020 but while she described it as “so very exciting” to feel a little more normal again, she also felt “very strange” leaving husband Derek Draper at home. The former lobbyist returned to the family earlier this year, where he was reunited with Kate and their children, Darcey and Billy after over a year in hospital battling COVID-19.

It was very strange leaving him tonight to come out because he is a big fan of magic

Kate Garraway

He is currently receiving 24/7 care from the TV star along with NHS nurses, as he remains in a “virtual coma” ever since he was struck down with the virus in March last year.

The Good Morning Britain presenter joined others as she attended the West End opening of Wonderville at the Palace Theatre.

The opening of the magic and illusion show, which features mind reader Chris Cox, Britain’s Got Talent magician Josephine Lee and record-breaking Magic Circle triple champion Edward Hilsum, had already been subject to delays after a member of the production team tested positive.

Speaking to PA news agency at the event, Kate said: “It’s our first time out since February 2020 so we are really excited, and this is a date that has sprung up because it was going to happen a few weeks ago and then it didn’t happen and then we just thought, ‘Let’s go for it’ – so very exciting.”

“It was very strange leaving him [Derek] tonight to come out because he is a big fan of magic,” she said.

“But it is not possible at the moment so we just said next time and see him when we get back.”

Recently, her former ITV co-star Piers Morgan, who believes he was struck down with the Delta variant after attending Wembley for the Euro 2020 final, had his pal on his mind throughout his own two weeks of isolation.

Writing in his Daily Mail column about his experience with Covid, he penned: “The memory of what happened to poor Derek Draper, the husband of my former GMB colleague Kate Garraway, remains vivid.”

He also told readers that she had called in to check on him, as she knows all too well the affects of the illness.

Piers remembered her ringing up, chiming: “‘It’s the Patron Saint of Covid calling!’ she chuckled, self-mocking the fact that since Derek was taken ill, that’s pretty much all she’s been able to think or talk about either privately or publicly.

“Much has been said about her extraordinary stoicism under the most appalling stress and strain of her family’s ongoing nightmare – Derek is back home under 24/7 nursing care but is still effectively in a coma despite occasional hopeful glimmers of cognisant response – but honestly, people don’t know the half of it.”

He noted that Kate took him through her daily routine and it “exhausted” him just hearing it.

“I don’t know how you do it,” Piers had said before detailing her response.

“‘What choice do I have?’ she replied. ‘Derek is the love of my life.’

“Then, being Kate, she turned the subject back to me and my Covid experience.”

He revealed they joked about the fact his symptoms meant he couldn’t taste wine anymore, something he described as “one of my worst nightmares”.

And while quipping the debacle was like the end of the world for him, he added on a more sincere note: “‘I’ve been thinking about you guys so much in the past week. I’ve felt pretty awful with Covid but the vaccine may well have saved my life.

“Derek never had the chance to take one. That just seems so desperately unfair.’

“‘It is,’ she agreed, ‘but I just hope everyone who can take it, does. I wouldn’t wish what we’re going through on anyone.'”

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