Jen Harley: Ronnie’s Psycho Girlfriend Keeps Stalking Me!

Late last year, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro said he was finally done with Jen Harley.

At last, right?

At last it appeared as if the Jersey Shorre veteran had realized that his ex-girlfriend and baby mama was a very bad influence on his life.

But here’s the thing:

Harley now says that Ronnie’s new lover isn’t done with her!

In October 2020, Ronnie revealed that he’s datiing a bikini-loving woman named Saffire Matos.

The relationship seems pretty serious, too, with Mato recently referring to Ronnie as her “future hubby,” implying that marriage could be in the cards for the couple.

Crazy, right?!?

And, hey, speaking of crazy: Jen says Saffire is a psycho who has been harrassing her for months online.

Harley took to Instagram last week and claimed that fake accounts — linked to Saffire, she alleges — have been firing off direct message to her new boyfriend, Joe.

Jen also took issue with Saffire posting photos with Ariana, the daughter Jen shares with Ronnie.

In one screen shot Harley posted online, she says that Saffire used her personal Instagram account to tell Joe he “will never see Ariana again.”

“Who the F does she think she is telling my man if he can see my daughter or not,” Jen wrote along with this so-called evidence of Saffire’s stalking, adding:

“This chick has been around 3 months trying to dictate who the F my daughter sees?? You got me f up!”

Followers were a bit confused by all these new names and allegations being hurled around.

One fan therefore asked Jen for some clarification: She’s claiming that Ronnie’s girlfriend is causing problems for her and her man?

Yup, Jen replied simply.

Harley and Ronnie dated off and on for about two years.

Each was arrested at different times for assaulting the other, with the romance seemingly coming to an end after Ronnie allegedly held a knife to Jen’s throat and locked himself inside of a house with Ariana.

Police had to tase Ronnie in order to take him into custody.

Harley now says she has text messages (somehow, for some reason) from Saffire herself that prove she’s just using Ronnie for fame and fortune.

Wrote Jen on social media, as you can see below:

“I have messages from her profile saying she only used him for a Dior purse a few months ago and that she wants to leave him but he’s putting her through aesthetician school and she wants to build a Hollywood following.

“Literally have it all in a text. So sad I feel like I need to share these as well and how bad she is treated.”

What does Matos have to say about all this?

She says Harley has been stalking her!

“She has been harassing ME trying to tear me down and NOW LYING ON MY NAME dming people that don’t like me, just to make me look bad,” Saffire wrote.

“My mental health is important to me and I’ve never done anything to try to get media attention, but it’s hard to stay silent after a year of this.

“This will be the only time I address this and I will be taking the appropriate action to finally try to stop this.”

Harley, of course, could not sit back and NOT response to these accusations.

So she fired back and said Saffire… bit Ariana?!?

“Stop with the victim pity party,” Harley wrote to Saffie, adding:

“Let’s see what this appropriate action is Bc I promise you won’t like my next moves …. Legally and publicly. Again are you done yet???

“Only time I ever message this chick when my kid came home crying saying she fing bit her and I have that on video too.”

Ronnie has not yet commented on the extreme — and extremely intense and frightening — back-and-forth between his ex-girlfriend and current girlfriend.

But one thing remains notable:

This guy sure knows how to pick em, huh?!?

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