Jessa Duggar: Mom-Shamed For Cutting Her Kids’ Hair In Quarantine!

For perhaps the first time in recent human history we’re all coping with a situation that none of has ever encountered before.

That being the case, you’d think we’d be a little sympathetic toward those who are handling the situation in a manner that we might consider less than ideal.

But the internet is still the internet, and the Duggars are still the Duggars, which means the trash talk industry is proving to be 100 percent pandemic proof.

To be fair, the Duggars have done much to deserve some of the criticism they’ve been receiving in recent weeks.

It started with Jim Bob ignoring safety protocols designed to curb the spread of the coronasvirus.

Thankfully, not all of his kids followed Jim Bob’s lead.

For example, Jessa Duggar’s social-distancing has been so strict that fans have begun to wonder if she’s been waiting for an excuse to avoid her mother and father.

Whatever the case, she’s doing what she’s supposed to be doing — and for some reason, she’s being criticized for it.

Like millions of moms all over the country, Jessa has been forced to do a lot of improvising in recenbt weeks.

This week, that meant cutting her sons’ hair.

Jessa posted these before-and-after pics of Spurgeon, 4, and Henry, 3.

“The boys’ hair was getting fluffy, so it was time for a trim!” she captioned the pics.

“During this time of quarantine, if you find yourself needing to cut your boy’s hair for the first time, do not be intimidated. You can do this!” she added.

“Isn’t as complicated as it might seem. I made some simple tutorials showing how I cut my boys’ hair, so if you’re interested, check them out! The link is in my bio!”

From there, Jessa offered some assistance for moms who might be feeling a bit overwhelmed.

“I made some simple tutorials showing how I cut my boys’ hair, so if you’re interested, check them out! The link is in my bio!” she wrote.

It’s this part of the caption that rubbed people the wrong way.

As lots of people pointed out, Jessa is not a hairdresser, and shew should probably leave the instructional videos to the professionals.

“Please don’t put tutorials up. You’re not a certified dresser. We pay money to learn how to do this properly and get a license,” one user commented.

“This is not an easy thing to do properly so please don’t tell people it is, you’re not certified or skilled to make that claim. Many things could go wrong.”

“You have a point. I’m a professional stylist as well, and she’s had these hair cutting videos up long before the quarantine,” another added.

“It’s annoying when people try to act like they know how to do something they aren’t trained for.”

While we appreciate that Jessa’s heart was in the right place, these commenters do have a point.

Sadly, a number of other people piled on, and they weren’t so polite and constructive in their criticism.

This is one of those cases where Jessa probably legitimately didn’t realize she was doing anything wrong.

The Duggars have a long history of doing things for themselves and eschewing training and licensure requirements.

This is not a big deal if Jessa wants to cut her own kids’ hair.

But the moment she begins offering instruction to others, it becomeas a big deal.

Still, it’s a situation where a deletion and apology to the offended parties should be sufficient recompense.

After all, it’s not like the time Jill worked as a midwife without certification … come to think of it, that might still he happening.

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