Jessica Alba Video Documents Her Attempts to Cut and Style Daughters’ Hair During Quarantine

With the guidance of her hair stylist Jen Atkin, the ‘L.A.’s Finest’ actress gives Honor and Haven a DIY haircut at home and admits she develops newfound respect for hair stylists afterward.

AceShowbizJessica Alba has turned into her daughters’ hair stylist during lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic. Having documented her first time ever doing at-home haircuts for Honor and Haven, the “L.A.’s Finest” actress shared her unique experience with fans and followers in a brand new YouTube video.

In the video she posted on Sunday, May 17, the 39-year-old began by explaining that she cut and styled Honor’s hair because the 11-year-old “had to take school pictures.” She went on to admit that cutting hair was “really not easy at all, especially with impatient kids who are not trying to sit still,” as a clip of 8-year-old Haven complaining of boredom took over.

The “Fantastic Four” actress admitted in the video that she was guided through the whole experience by her own hair stylist, Jen Atkin, via phone call. At one point of the video, she acknowledged that the scissors are sharp, adding that she cut herself a few times. As she showed off her band-aids, she noted, “This one keeps bleeding.”

While she tried to give Honor a haircut and styled it, Alba gave her younger daughter Haven a simple trim. “My mom cut my hair three inches and I like it a lot better because it’s more neat and it doesn’t have, like, split ends,” the 8-year-old explained to the camera. Meanwhile, Alba’s husband Cash Warren made a brief appearance to say he is “kind of enjoying” his quarantine hair.

The “Honey” star further confessed that the experience has given her “so much newfound respect for hair stylists.” Near the end of the video, she told viewers that the haircuts made her feel she had a “productive day” and she was ready to wind down and read a book. Her daughters then took over to tell viewers to “like and subscribe” to their mother’s channel.

Alba has received praises from both Atkin and her many followers for her at-home haircuts video. “You’re annoyingly good at everything,” Atkin commented on the video Alba shared on Instagram, while a fan wrote in the comment section on YouTube, “You are such an amazing mother…… calm and protective with your children.” Another one stated, “Honor will look back and be thankful you came through for her school pictures.”

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